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Spinach & Paneer Stir Fried Masala

I have been suffering from anemia since some past 6 years. Though I have managed to get rid of it for some time, it keeps returning to me after a while. I used to feel all fatigue and incapable of doing things for no peculiar reason! It is seriously one of the bad things to happen to a lady! Recently, I was going through a regional health magazine and that was how I knew that I HAVE to include spinach into my diet as they are the BEST ingredient to choose from for having your blood counts to normal.
I love paneer and as I had some milk in the fridge to be used up before expiry, I decided to make some paneer out of it. We also have some spinach growing in my mom’s vegetable garden and so I had no reasons to give spinach a miss. I tried out this recipe and it was yummy and of course healthy too.

So here are the ingredients and the detailed recipe.

Quick Egg Sandwich Recipe for Weight Gainers

This is a very simple sandwich recipe which you can try for a late/lazy breakfast or even anytime when you feel hungry! Call it a snack or a breakfast item; you can make it pretty easy at the maximum time of 15 minutes (including the time for cooking a hardboiled egg). You can even make this into a salad and have it as such at times you do not have bread at home. Read on to know the recipe.

Ingredients:- Hard boiled egg – Slice it into even pieces using a knife or egg slicer

Indian Breakfast Menu Ideas for Weight Gain Diet

When I decided to go for a weight gain plan, I checked out the Indian diet plans as well. But there wasn’t a comprehensive ‘Indian’ diet. So I thought I would prepare one for myself. I drafted this one after going into the details of calories and other nutritional facts. This can act as a guideline for the weight gainers to decide their diet. So these are the seven days breakfast ideas.


British Biologicals B-Protin Nutritional Supplement Review

Protein powders are one of the easy ways available to gain or maintain a healthy weight. I too have tried out different protein powders after watching many luring advertisements. But this one was prescribed to me by my gynecologist after I said her that I feel fatigue all the time and I have to improve my health. She said that British Biologicals B-Protin Nutritional Supplement can help me but I should have it with milk daily. I was thankful that she wrote a protein powder for me so that I could possibly gain some weight now J Read on to know if it worked.

Price: Rs.218 for 200 grams
Available in 3 different flavors: Mango, Pineapple, and Chocolate. British Biologicals B-Protin Nutritional Supplement- Usage Directions:-
2 tablespoons(30g) twice daily in 1 cup of lukewarm milk or water. 1.Take 1/3rd cup of lukewarm milk or water. 2.Add 2 tablespoons of B-protin and stir briskly until dissolved. 3.Add more milk or water to fill remaining volume of the cup or add according to your taste …

Chickpea Salad for Weight Gainers

Chickpeas are very rich in calories. It is said that 100 grams of chickpeas contain approximately 364 calories. This is our special recipe which we prepare during Ramadan Days. It tastes yummy and it is very easy to prepare once you have the cooked chickpeas. You can also use the canned chickpeas which we usually use for preparing hummus. I am planning to have it every other day.


My 5 Proven Ways to Stay Motivated in the Weight Gain Journey!

This is one of the serious problems attached with any challenge around. To keep up the consistency and to stay motivated until the goal is in your hand! I was thinking that my level of motivation was slightly coming down so I had to sit and note down a few things that can actually help me keep up the challenge. I thought I would publish it because I hope at least a few of you might be finding it helpful. So, here are my top ways to motivate me to make the challenge live!

1.Think of your health conditions:- This can be many of our reasons to plan a weight gain. I too have many health issues that make it difficult to do everything I have to do in a day. Having a healthy weight is very important to remain active. All these days, I knew it very well that health is wealth. I in fact used to feel jealous looking at other girls of age, naturally healthy and have enough weight! But I do remind myself that every human is the same and with efforts comes the results J 2.Think of your Haters or cr…

My Current Weight Gain Regime - I

Here I am sharing my current diet, WG regime, supplements I take etc. My typical day starts with my breakfast. Because I just can’t start drinking water the moment I wake up. I always try to have a filling breakfast. Though I am a lover of instant breakfasts, being a south Indian I have that natural instinct for those yummy breakfasts for which the work starts the day before itself (soaking the rice, grinding, leaving it to ferment etc) But they are nutritious (high in protein & fiber) and are massive beneficial too! These days I take care to include that kind of breakfast in the majority of the days in a week.

7 Different Ways I Include Milk in My Diet:-

My mom used to make fun of me saying that during my childhood, I used to come down to the kitchen leaving all my naughty works at just a whiff of milk. She says my nose could sense it when the milk is boiling over on the stove. That was when I am 2-3-4 years old! But for some past 12-15 years, I have never drunk a glass of milk! It was until recently (say two weeks in precise) that I decided to include milk into my diet for gaining some weight. I was firm that I should get milk in my tummy! And that was the best decision ever. I will talk more about it in another post.

So here in this post, I am sharing you my 7 ways to include milk in your daily diet! Try a different flavor for each day. I have taken enough of my time to draft this post because I needed to make sure that I have all the seven should taste yummy too!

My Reasons To Plan A Weight Gain Journey:-

Here is an utmost short story about me. Here, I am talking about myself, my health, my life and my reasons to go for a weight gain journey. Of late, I have always and always wanted to gain weight desperately and it had a lot of reasons. AND at the end of all my failed plans – I had to quit my MBA program, which I was already pursuing after going through a lot of struggles! Why? Read on…

I am a female, aged 22. I’m 5.4” tall and I currently weigh 45 Kilograms (99 pounds!)

5 Practicable Tips for a Weight Gainer!

I am sharing five practical things that should start doing right now, being a weight gainer. It is nothing complicated or difficult. In fact, I am trying to say you all those little (big impact) things that can actually help you in meeting your goal. By the way, I would like to share the happy news that I have gained a kilogram (gain from the past three days). Yep! I can’t help holding back the news even before my first update: P Sorry for that!

So enough stories! Here are the 5 things that I have learned from my experience so far.

Country Life Core Daily-1 Multivitamin for Women : My Review & Experience

Being a girl, I am meant to have super powers! If you have read my first post, you can understand that I hardly had any energy to complete my daily activities. I used to feel fatigue, fall ill - most of the days that it was difficult to do any sort of activities (even the light ones). It was not just of my anemia, but I lack much vitamin deficiency as well. This product Country Life Core Daily-1 Multivitamin for Women was a gift from my fiancĂ© who works as a pharmacist in Dubai. My reaction was an immediate “no” when he said that the tablets are little big ones. But he didn’t listen to me and I am thankful for that. Read the post to find out why.

Country Life Core Daily-1 Multivitamin for WomenProduct Directions: -Adult females take one (1) tablet daily with food. Do not exceed recommended dose. As a reminder, discuss the supplements and medications you take with your health care providers.

How to Decide your Ideal Body Weight?

At first, we decide to gain/lose weight, we will have a few goals in mind. It may be something like to fit better in clothes, to have some beautiful curves, to have a healthy lifestyle etc. But in both of the case, it is important that you decide a target weight, over the time bar you (might) have in mind. It is important to make sure that the target weight is your ideal body weight. Because, you do not have to take the risk of being becoming an obese and then tiring to lose weight again!
How Can I determine My Ideal Weight? When I decided to gain weight, the first thing that popped up in my mind was like how many pounds more?  The only measure I was aware of was the BMI i.e., body mass index so I decided to check it. But that was when I knew that there was one more measure that I could check out to find out my ideal weight and that was BMR. To know more about it, read on this post.

The Importance of Deciding the Ideal Body Weight:- In case if you are wondering why do we have to spend so…

Announcing: My Weight Gain Goals!

As you might already know, it has been a long time I have wanted to gain weight. But every time it remained in my mind and I never took any serious action to make it into a reality until recently. It has been 2 weeks in actual that I decided to take things into my hands (or else I knew I am never going to do it). And I am already in love with the results and can’t wait to see the final target to be hit by me. So here I am announcing all the little details about this challenge. If you are skinny like me, I would be really happy to get you on board :) Let us make this weight gain plan real fun and full accomplishing.

So here are the details of my target weight and plan:-
My current weight is 44 kilograms - Something.

Why Should You Do NOT Opt For Sudden Weight Gain Plan & How Many Kilograms Are Feasible To Be Gained Over A Month?

Until a few times ago, I too had the habit of googling “how to gain weight fast in 10 days or so”. If you are a skinny too, I suppose you can relate well with my story. We all have always wanted to gain weight prior to a family occasion (to avoid those nasty comments from relatives). Well...Nothing good comes that easy to your life (unless you are so lucky), and we have read it, understood it, and realized it all at a particular point of time. With this post, you will know why should we do not go for a sudden weight gain journey or even think of it! You might be wondering how many kilograms of weight gain is considerate. Well, I have got you covered.

Here are the TOP reasons to why should you let yourself stay calm with your weight gain plan!