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5 Practicable Tips for a Weight Gainer!

I am sharing five practical things that should start doing right now, being a weight gainer. It is nothing complicated or difficult. In fact, I am trying to say you all those little (big impact) things that can actually help you in meeting your goal. By the way, I would like to share the happy news that I have gained a kilogram (gain from the past three days). Yep! I can’t help holding back the news even before my first update: P Sorry for that!

So enough stories! Here are the 5 things that I have learned from my experience so far.

  1. Plan your meals well in advance.
Well… I said, just plan your meals. From my experience at home, there used to a situation where a meal of the day won’t be as per my taste. So I might skip it. Hence, this tip avoids any chances of having such a thing, I highly advise this tip.
It not only helps in having the right meal at the right time. When you are planning for your favorite yummy meal, your brain and stomach won’t let you engage in any other works (Trust me. It works!). Similarly, if you are someone who finds it extreme difficult to wake early for your college or work, planning and treating yourself to a yummy breakfast will let you do it at ease! Yet another interesting thing that I have felt is that when I am cooking the meals myself, I eat (or try to finish off the meal). Guess why? Otherwise, what will others think of my cooking skills- you see? : P
Apart from this tip,
  • See if you can make someone else serve your food for you. ( Try to find someone who eats more than you :P)
  • Try to finish off everything on the plate, every time.
  • If you are a slow eater, slowly work yourselves to eat as normal. ( Because, when you are eating slow, your brain will get the impulse that your stomach is full sooner)
  1. Always surround yourselves with food!
No, I don’t mean you have to sit middle in a circle full of foods. But, always have something to eat at handy. Pack snacks (biscuits/almonds etc) or light meals (sandwich and sorts) and keep it at the reach of your hand whenever you are engaging in some activities. It is because mostly we forget to attend our appetite calls when involved in something else. So, this will act as a reminder.
  1. Always put some add-ons to your meals.
Suppose you are going to have a yummy egg sandwich! Instead of having it as such, just add a slice of cheese into it to make it tastier and pack more calories! Similarly, add some fresh cream to your coffee/tea/milkshakes to make it creamier (read calories rich!). Pair your crunchy potato chips with a cheesy dip. Use more ghee or butter into your meals. This way you are going to gain weight soon J
  1. Have sound sleep at the right time for the right number of hours!
It is important to make sure you sleep enough. But also see that you do not oversleep! I personally have found it very difficult due to my oversleeping habit. I will tell you how it affected me as a weight gainer. I would sleep all the day and will remain as night owl (for no wonder the benefits of being in an LDR!) This will probably make you ignore your appetite calls and it will not benefit you as a weight gainer. It is okay to compensate your missed sleep hours at day. But don’t skip any meals you see :)
  1. Weigh Yourselves Regularly!
I have read somewhere to ignore the frequent temptation to weigh yourself a day. But I felt the opposite way. Because, after a having a meal when you are weighing yourself you have more confidence to see the additional pounds gained. And that can actually help you get going very well with the journey. And it also helps you to realize what food is helping you better to meet your goals. If you want, you can even start noting your weight down in a journal. I am soon going to do it myself.
I hope the post was useful to you. If you are having a tip to share, please feel free to do it in the comment section below!


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