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7 Different Ways I Include Milk in My Diet:-

My mom used to make fun of me saying that during my childhood, I used to come down to the kitchen leaving all my naughty works at just a whiff of milk. She says my nose could sense it when the milk is boiling over on the stove. That was when I am 2-3-4 years old! But for some past 12-15 years, I have never drunk a glass of milk! It was until recently (say two weeks in precise) that I decided to include milk into my diet for gaining some weight. I was firm that I should get milk in my tummy! And that was the best decision ever. I will talk more about it in another post.

So here in this post, I am sharing you my 7 ways to include milk in your daily diet! Try a different flavor for each day. I have taken enough of my time to draft this post because I needed to make sure that I have all the seven should taste yummy too!

  • 1.       Quick Vermicelli kheer/Payasam
Boil the milk in a wide, heavy bottom pan; add required sweetness as per your taste (use sugar/honey), a pinch of cardamom powder and some roasted vermicelli. Keep the flame on high and continue stirring to make it a little thick. It gets ready in just 10 minutes. And this is my favorite way to consume milk!
  • 2.       Mango Smoothie
Blend together a washed, peeled and cubed mango; sugar (if required), chilled milk and some fresh cream into a smoothie! This is another quick and yummy way to get some milk in your tummy J
You can replace mango with any dense fruits of your favorites like banana, chikkoo, apple etc.
  • 3.       Almond Milk
This is my favorite too! If you are a weight gainer, you will HAVE to try this daily and I am sure you will notice the changes. Every time I have it consistently for a week, I used to get some compliments about gaining a littleJ
Blend about 8-9 blanched almonds, sugar, a little portion of milk to make a smooth paste. Then add the remaining milk and give that a blend again. You can add a pinch of cardamom powder/ vanilla/saffron for flavoring.
You can serve it hot or chilled.
  • 4.       Rabri/Rabdi

This is a yummy recipe but not so easy one. It is a traditional Indian dessert. Boil milk in a heavy bottom wide open pan, and keep stirring in the cream that floats on top with the milk. Add sugar, cardamom powder, a pinch of saffron, your favorite varieties of nuts chopped (almonds/ pistachios/walnuts/ cashews). You have to reduce the milk by half and then switch off the flame. Serve chilled.
  • 5.       Nutritional Powder shake
Protein powders or nutritional powders are available in different tastes and flavors. They can give additional benefits (supplies more calories) overtaking plain milk. This way you can meet you can have additional daily calories for fast goal attainment. I have started using two powders Endura Mass Weight Gainer and B-Protein Nutritional drink. Stay tuned to read its reviews.
  • 6.       Nutella Cornflakes Milkshake
You will surely love this one. Take some chilled milk into a blender. Add Nutella, Sugar, and cornflakes into it. Blend until smooth. You can top with fresh/whipped cream or ice cream.
  • 7.        Cold Coffee
This one is for all the coffee lovers. Leave some milk in the freezer overnight. Move this ice into a blender along with some instant coffee powder, fresh cream, and sugar. Serve with ice cream on top and garnish with chocolate syrup.


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