Announcing: My Weight Gain Goals!

As you might already know, it has been a long time I have wanted to gain weight. But every time it remained in my mind and I never took any serious action to make it into a reality until recently. It has been 2 weeks in actual that I decided to take things into my hands (or else I knew I am never going to do it). And I am already in love with the results and can’t wait to see the final target to be hit by me. So here I am announcing all the little details about this challenge. If you are skinny like me, I would be really happy to get you on board 🙂 Let us make this weight gain plan real fun and full accomplishing.
So here are the details of my target weight and plan:-

My current weight is 44 kilograms – Something.

I am planning for a weight gain of 14 kilograms more i.e., 46+14=60 Kilograms. To be very honest I haven’t set myself a target date. But as I said earlier, I am planning for gaining a kilogram per week.

I am trying my best NOT to dunk myself with junk foods or other unhealthy kinds of stuff. I have decided to keep an eye on what goes into my stomach from now. 
NO spicy, extra-sweet, salty sugar will go and meet my stomach from now on. Oh, I forgot to mention that I am anemic and I have decided myself to cut down with pickles (read South-Indian Spicy Pickles) and trust me that have made a huge difference. If you are anemic, you have to try it too. I am sure you will find a difference. My dietitian has advised me not to consume sugar so I am trying my maximum to substitute sugar with Jaggery.
Yes, I am not just looking for some muscles, but I want myself to be healthy 🙂
Join me if you want to do the same. Shoot me a mail or comment below and I would include all your details and welcome you to the challenge.

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