How to Decide your Ideal Body Weight?


At first, we decide to gain/lose weight, we will have a few goals in mind. It may be something like to fit better in clothes, to have some beautiful curves, to have a healthy lifestyle etc. But in both of the case, it is important that you decide a target weight, over the time bar you (might) have in mind. It is important to make sure that the target weight is your ideal body weight. Because you do not have to take the risk of being becoming obese and then tiring to lose weight again!

How Can I determine My Ideal Weight?

When I decided to gain weight, the first thing that popped up in my mind was like how many pounds more?  The only measure I was aware of was the BMI i.e., body mass index so I decided to check it. But that was when I knew that there was one more measure that I could check out to find out my ideal weight and that was BMR. 

How to Plan Your Weight Gain Journey!

The Importance of Deciding the Ideal Body Weight:-

In case if you are wondering why do we have to spend so much of time in thinking about the ideal weight. First of all, you know that is not that easy. Secondly, if you start eating without any acknowledgments you might probably over weigh later! (I have heard of plenty of such people who were once a skinny but now trying hard to lose weight) Never let that happen to you.

As already said, BMI is the Body Mass Index.
It is a measure that helps you to determine yourself which category does you falls in with your current body weight. To know the value, you can give your height, weight, age, and gender to the BMI calculator, and it tells you if are currently underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese. With no surprise, came my result that I am “underweight”. Yes, I knew it well before: P I just confirmed you see… : P

Next measure is BMR i.e. Basal Metabolic Rate
It is based on the concept that our body needs calories (read energy) even when we take rest. When you give the details you get the calories you burn when you are resting. If you consume the same amount of calories represented by your BMR, you maintain your current weight. If you consume less, you will lose your weight. I have felt that it is a good idea to know this rate because you get a rough figure of calories that you have to consume for a single day.

What is the next step to do after deciding your ideal body weight?

 The next thing I did was to add a few kilograms to my current weight (in BMI calculator) and see how much on an average will keep my BMI normal. That was how I decided and finalized on 60 kilograms as my target weight. You can read more about my weight gain goals here.
And now you know that if have to know the ideal body weight – you do have to check for these two measures as they can really help you in your weight management. Good Luck!

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