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Indian Breakfast Menu Ideas for Weight Gain Diet

When I decided to go for a weight gain plan, I checked out the Indian diet plans as well. But there wasn’t a comprehensive ‘Indian’ diet. So I thought I would prepare one for myself. I drafted this one after going into the details of calories and other nutritional facts. This can act as a guideline for the weight gainers to decide their diet. So these are the seven days breakfast ideas.


  • Phulka or Chapati or Roti with chole masala 

I saw Sanjeev Kapoor's chapatti & chole masala recipe has over 1000+ calories each. A few preparations to be done well in advance is to soak the chickpeas overnight. You can also prepare the onion-tomato masala and keep it in the fridge to make it in the morning easily.  You can choose from the white chickpeas or black chickpeas based on your liking. Alternatively, if you do not like chole masala go for a creamy cashew egg curry.

  • Masala dosa -2/3 
  • Coconut chutney & Sambar

Masala dosa’s are one of my favorite south Indian breakfasts. The potato masala inside the dosa will make it even rich and yummy as well. Personally, I suggest not missing the coconut chutney, if you do not like the taste of the coconut chutney usually made at your home, check out the other recipes on the internet. My personal favorite coconut chutney’s recipe goes like this – Blend the coconut, shallots, dried red chilies and salt with enough water to help smooth grinding.

  • 3 vellayappam with egg roast

The golden laced white Vellayappams are the best tasted with egg roast for me. You can also try pairing it with a rich creamy vegetable stew recipe as well. They make a hearty and filling meal.

  • Aloo Paratha with curd

Aloo paratha is the roti which has a stuffing with potato masala inside. We prepare a potato masala which you can keep ready before the day itself in the fridge and use it in the next day after thawing in the kitchen counter for some time. Taking it with curd ensures a good amount of protein into your diet as well.

  • Poori with Potato curry

Poori’s are a flattened wheat dough which are later deep fried in oil. Use good quality oil and pair it with a delicious potato masala curry which you can make pretty easily.

  • Pasta omelet
  • Plus  favorite fruit milkshake

When you are super lazy and craving for something delicious you can go for this one. Cook 1 cup of pasta, you can use leftover as well in beaten egg, finely sliced veggies, cheese and make an omlette. Serve with ketchup or any sauce of your choice. You can use wheat pasta for a healthy alternative.

  • Vermicelli upma / Egg+cheese sandwich with mayo
  • Plus milkshake 

Sunday breakfasts has to be simple yet tasty right? You can go for vermicelli upma or semolina+vermicelli upma as per your choice. If you do not like upma or have no mind to cook an upma, try an easy egg sandwich made with mayo. Top with cheese and grill for a second to make it even yummy in your tummy.

You can always pair all these with your favorite milkshake. Do share your favorite breakfast in the comments :) if you have any difficulty in finding a yummy recipe for the above menu, please let me know and I could help you.


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