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My Current Weight Gain Regime - I

Here I am sharing my current diet, WG regime, supplements I take etc.
My typical day starts with my breakfast. Because I just can’t start drinking water the moment I wake up. I always try to have a filling breakfast. Though I am a lover of instant breakfasts, being a south Indian I have that natural instinct for those yummy breakfasts for which the work starts the day before itself (soaking the rice, grinding, leaving it to ferment etc) But they are nutritious (high in protein & fiber) and are massive beneficial too! These days I take care to include that kind of breakfast in the majority of the days in a week.

I then take my multivitamin tablet which is the Country Life Core Daily 1 tablet for women, which I have reviewed in detail over here.
I have also started taking B Protein Nutritional Powder with my milk as per my gynecologist’s advice. It is nothing but an energy drink and as far as I know you really do not need a prescription to buy it but is highly advisable to consult your doctor. I will review it once I finish my current bottle.
Then I have my lunch which is rice ( like every day).  I am not so fond of rice so I mostly do not exceed a limit. Maybe somewhere around 2-2 ½ cups of cooked rice. I am trying to increase the portion size slowly with each day (not really sure if I could finish my plate but still). Then I might go for a nap. When I wake up I will have something to snack. That can be anything from a bakery or I prepare something.
In between of this time, if I feel hungry I munch on some cinnamon sugared almonds, chocolate (those things which I have in stock) etc. Otherwise, it is the lunch that I eat afterward and then I might have some fruits too.
I have my next glass of milk with the protein powder before I go to sleep.  If I do not feel like having a protein drink I blend with mangoes or try any of these ways which I have mentioned in this post  J
One thing that I have made a POINT is that to see I have added ghee/butter/fresh cream to almost everything possible.
A few things that I feel I should start doing:-
1.       Start exercising
2.       To fix a time for all my three main meals.
3.       Drink enough water!
4.       This might not be a good thing to do, but I am planning to have a portion of cake with buttercream icing and chocolate ganache every day!

I am truly hoping that I gain at least 4 kilograms this month. Let us see how it goes J


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