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Eye Exercises to Improve Eyesight Naturally!

This article is specially dedicated for the chashmish fellows like me. If you are fed up of wearing glasses, changing eye lenses and can’t afford a Lasik treatment, then this one for you! I am thankful to my dear old classmate who has introduced me to these techniques and motivated me to follow them for they have actually WORKED for her brother's friend. She said me that he never had to wear his glasses till then. That was exciting enough for me to try it out. 

Can we improve our eyesight naturally?? This is a question which pops in our mind every now and then. Each morning, the first thing to do is that I have to search for my glasses. My day typically starts with my spectacles. Will you believe me if I say you can improve your eyesight by following some eye exercises regularly? Yes, it might take a maximum of an hour from your day. Those who are wearing eye glasses can know how your lens gets thicker and thicker each time L so; have a look at the methods to follow.
Few exercise t…

Few Things Which Can Instantly Boost Your Mood Before Sleep

We all have read it over hundred times that we must sleep at least 8 hours regularly as a part of our beauty routine. Personally, it is that only tip that I am very keen in following. I may skip the water levels, sun screen, and all others. The first thing I usually do after waking up in the morning is to count my sleep hours. If it doesn’t reach 8, I compensate it later in the day. I can hardly reach my bed on time for a fixed sleep. Either I am sure I won’t sleep even if I hit the bed early or it may be because of my fiancĂ©e who calls me at a short notice, my mobile, etc... This is an article for such people who are struggling to sleep early.

Before moving on to the article let me tell me you one thing. We all must be having this habit of checking our Whatsapp messages or Facebook prior to sleep, while on the bed. We might have set the time period of 2 minutes for it but then it takes hours and hours for a pause! The blue light emitting from your mobile screen gives you a sort of ene…

Sleep Paralysis-What To Know About and How I dealt with it!

Though I am writing about this topic, I really hope my readers haven't had a chance to experience being sleep paralyzed yet. But for those who did, just like me, please don’t worry and continue reading the post. Personally, I have experienced and gone through the horror of sleep paralysis since last year but I managed to get myself out of it. Those who do not, It is one of the worst experience.

What is sleep paralysis? Before I begin, let me tell you one thing. I can’t find a better usage than 'Sleep paralysis' for that kind of suffering I have at bed! ( I drafted this post before I started googling to find the word, it was then that I found sleep paralysis itself is the word!) I can only express my experience and please don’t expect any definitions: P Sleep paralysis means almost close to being dead while in a sleep. The only difference is that you could experience the horrible strain associated with it, and you could see, hear and feel what is going around (or maybe it i…

Body Shaming: My Way of Dealing with it!

Not each of us is blessed with the perfect figure. Each of us is different both in and out. Body shaming seems to be one of the silliest comments that anybody can pass on you. Being skinny or obese is not something that happens by our own choice. We happened to be that way and should we change ourselves for someone else’s eyes?

First of all, I am writing this post with all my heart. It might be offensive but body shaming is offensive too, so I can't really help.
I have been the victim of body shaming!Being underweight is not something I opted out of choice, it somehow happened. I was really focused on my studies during my teenage, and I haven't given any attention to my health! And that case is true to many of the other girls or boys out there too.
Days are becoming worse that it is extremely difficult for me to face people.For those who are reading this post, Body Shaming is no FUN!I don't believe body shaming is something fun to do. It can hurt a person so much and make the…

January WG Updates + Announcing the Sugar- Free Challenge:-

Hey everyone,

It is said that a healthy outside starts from the inside. So my WG journey is put to a pause as I said earlier in the post. My current goal is to completely get rid of my anemia issues and stay healthy for this month. So it was more than necessary to keep my WG goals aside and take necessary steps to stay healthy. So what about the results of January? Why haven't I updated it although it's going to be 2 weeks of the next month? Read this post!

My Delayed WG Update of January:

January was the month that I decided to devote some quality time for my body.

Himalaya Evecare Syrup Review!

How My Menstrual Cramps got Reduced to a good extent! (Must Read: If you have painful periods)  Today, let us talk about periods! Except for a few lucky girls, periods will bring in a lot of worries and troubles. I am included in the latter and very frankly speaking I never thought I would be able to write such a post in my lifetime. I am not yet fully recovered from all the troubles, but my pains and worries have been cut down by some 70% by now. In this post, I will be discussing a few wonderful medicines which have helped me a lot with my menstrual cramps and I hope the many girls out there will be finding this post helpful.

Menstrual Cramps - A Nightmare I remember that the first time I had my periods; it was just like any other day. I felt no pain and no sort of uneasiness. It was the same feeling for 3-4 years. But then, something worst started happening

Health Regime for the Anemic Girls!

Anemia is one of the common problems, especially for girls. We lose blood every month and the loss has to be compensated regularly or else we will be anemic. As I have already mentioned in the previous post, I am an anemic and I am currently trying to get back to the normal hemoglobin level. So I just thought I would note down my regime for everyone like me.

So here are the ways, tips, tricks, food and medicines I use to be back to the normal level. Please note that I am not associated with any of the brands that I am going to mention in this post and I am no way trying to promote or boost sales for them. My intention is simply to help out those girls like me who are suffering from the condition called anemia.
I would like to bring your attention to the fact that I am neither from medicine or someone who is qualified enough as a health care provider.

Amla/Gooseberry Squash Drink Recipe for the Anemic:-

Here I am with the recipe of a drink which can really be helpful to someone who has a low tolerance to the taste of water, especially in the mornings! There is nothing that can replace the power of plain pure water, and I can't disagree as well. This post is not regarding any of that matter. So don't worry and keep reading, I am nowhere in an argument with you :)
As you might know already, I am anemic and thus I keep losing the vibes of life every now and then. According to me, it is one of the silliest ( and common) illness that we usually consider it to be, but is potential to badly affect your day especially if you are women! Amla or gooseberries are one of the super fruits and are often used in plenty of ayurvedic medicines. Recently, I felt week and fatigue that I felt too bad about my health conditions and decided to check my hemoglobin levels. I was too reluctant to use my scooter ever since I started feeling unhealthy. The results were pretty expected. Low HB with a poi…