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Body Shaming: My Way of Dealing with it!

Not each of us is blessed with the perfect figure. Each of us is different both in and out. Body shaming seems to be one of the silliest comments that anybody can pass on you. Being skinny or obese is not something that happens by our own choice. We happened to be that way and should we change ourselves for someone else’s eyes?

how deal with body shaming what to do about

First of all, I am writing this post with all my heart. It might be offensive but body shaming is offensive too, so I can't really help.

I have been the victim of body shaming!

Being underweight is not something I opted out of choice, it somehow happened. I was really focused on my studies during my teenage, and I haven't given any attention to my health! And that case is true to many of the other girls or boys out there too.

Days are becoming worse that it is extremely difficult for me to face people.For those who are reading this post,

Body Shaming is no FUN!

I don't believe body shaming is something fun to do. It can hurt a person so much and make their days worse. Please stay away from doing it. If you're seeing a person after a long while and being exclaimed that their body shape has changed just acknowledging the change will be good. But stop exaggerating, they know their body shape better than you for sure.

Now, How to deal with body shaming?

I honestly do not know a one-word answer. But I will tell you what I do.

If the one who makes such rude comments are of the same age category of mine, I do make it a point to give them an immediate response. Say, if they make a comment I will say them “You feel I am skinny because you are so fat “ It might sound silly, but I feel happy when I do: P

For those who are double of my age- I believe at least words 'could' correct them. It may or may not. But again, I will make sure I have given a reply. I feel angry at myself when I don't respond on time, and later spend many hours thinking about the situation (and wasting my time!).

For example, I will share an incident. I remember that was the first function after my engagement ceremony. It was a simple function and was held at my home with a few important and close family members. After the function, I shared the images with my second cousins, friends & so on. And they shared the same to their own set of trusted people and finally, it has reached those whom I never wanted to share it with. So when I was at the function and was waiting for the food to be served and that was when 'this' particular relative started making fun of me. I guess it was six people per table so there were 3 other people - other than her, me and my elder sister. She started "I recently saw some one’s photos! Whose photos were that??... I can't even recognize who was in it. The girl was staying close to the man in the photo” and she started exaggerating just like that... She was of my mom's age and she has a daughter who is 2 years younger than me. I was irritated and I said her “he is my man and instead of me - who is supposed to stand beside him?" She was silenced and I was happy!! The people besides started laughing at my words and she was embarrassed. She never tried to do this to me again and I am glad that I responded on time.

If the person belongs to an old age group, I really don't feel real bad about their comments because they are that way and I suppose there is no way I could correct them: )

Lastly, if you do not want anyone to comment on your body, let them know it. That is how you can save yourself from lots of worries.

At least for me, ignoring the comments won't work. I might not bother it for a day or so. But I just can never ignore it forever.

If you want any change to happen for you, let it be for yourself! Let you be the sole reason for your change. If you are going to take others words and bring a change, be prepared to do it for a lifetime!

Have you been a victim for body shaming? How do you react to the situation and what has worked the best for you?


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