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Health Regime for the Anemic Girls!

Anemia is one of the common problems, especially for girls. We lose blood every month and the loss has to be compensated regularly or else we will be anemic. As I have already mentioned in the previous post, I am an anemic and I am currently trying to get back to the normal hemoglobin level. So I just thought I would note down my regime for everyone like me.

Health routine regime for anemic girls low blood count haemoglobin

So here are the ways, tips, tricks, food and medicines I use to be back to the normal level. Please note that I am not associated with any of the brands that I am going to mention in this post and I am no way trying to promote or boost sales for them. My intention is simply to help out those girls like me who are suffering from the condition called anemia.

I would like to bring your attention to the fact that I am neither from medicine or someone who is qualified enough as a health care provider.


How to diagnose if you have anemia?

  • First and the foremost symptom is tiredness. You will start feeling tired for no peculiar reasons and that might disturb you with your lifestyle.
  • When you are getting out of bed after lying down for some time, you will have a sort of black screen in your head and you might feel a sense of dizziness too.
  • Gently pull down the skin of the lower portion of your eyes, to have a look at the white portion of your eyes from the water line. If it is pale and white, you are anemic. If it is pink and red, you are not.
  • Have a look at your lips, if it is appearing pale then you are anemic.
If you see that the above-mentioned points seem to be true for you, then please have a blood test immediately.

How do I treat anemia?

Here are the products I use to help with to increase the counts of red blood cells.

cure anemia remedies home
Meet the first one.

1) Ayurvedic health tonic -Rakthavardhini
The name of the tonic is called 'Rakthavardhini' which means 'the one which increases blood' in Malayalam. This is something my mom bought for me after consulting an ayurvedic doctor and she explained how lean and fatigue am I and the doctor after taking into consideration my age and health related issues prescribed this one for me. There were many other medicines as well. But this one is in peculiar especially because of its name and the briefly explained benefits on the label. Mom bought it from a nearby ayurvedic pharmacy and being a Keralite, it is quite easy to spot an ayurvedic pharmacy. If you are unable to find this product, then look for the one with the similar ingredients in the content.

cure anemia medicines natural home

Coming to its taste, to be honest- it is somewhat difficult to gulp it down. I said somewhat because I have become tolerant enough to ayurvedic medicines as I used many of them for many many reasons since a long time.

It helped me in the following ways as of now.
  • When I checked my eyes before and after taking this tonic, I can REALLY see the difference. When it looked white and pale before, it has become red and pink NOW ( in a period of fewer than 2 weeks). I can't say that all the praises go to this one before I really managed to take care of my food and drink habits too.
  • It has helped me with my fatigue-ness.
  • It has increased my appetite too.

Read its list of claims below:-

2) C pink Iron Supplement:-

Though I do not take it now, I have added it to the list because I have used it alone before and it has helped me too. Unlike the first one you are more likely to find this one in your area as this is an allopathic medicine and it is quite a popular one as well.

I remember using it before say 5 years when I decided to join hostel for bachelor's degree. I went to the doctor and he prescribed a whole BOX of C pink tablets for 6 months! To be very honest with you, a strip or two came back home with my luggage when I returned home after giving my final exams and vacated the hostel room :P

I quitted using it once I gained the normal blood levels.

My doctor suggested me to take one tablet per day. I have decided NOT to buy it again because I learned that these supplements are not good for your health. So I suggest to use it only and only you can't spend enough of time and attention to treat anemia with proper diet and regime.

3) I quitted those red hot pickles! 

South India is famous for the hot red pickles with those chilly powder too. I was and is a fan of it. But trust me I decided to say NO to pickles for a while in my life and that has helped me a lot.
Now, I DO use it. But a very small and considerate portion.

4) I drink Amla juice or lime water. ( Both can help an anemic). I have already shared my amla squash recipe here.

5) My mom makes carrot juice and beetroot juice for me once or twice in a week too. Boil a beet or carrot to help it subside the raw taste. And then allow it cool and blend it with some sugar, milk/water too. When carrots are blended in milk, it tastes similar to the carrot halwa. I prefer beets juice to be made in water alone.

Tip: Mom adds a small piece of ginger to the carrot juice and the juice of half a lemon to the beets.This helps enhance the flavor. 

Has it cured my Anemic problems?

Yes! I have REALLY started seeing the difference, girls. You should start doing or following the exact things above and I am sure it will help you.


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