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At Home Exercises to Help Weight Gaining Girls In Just 30 Minutes:-

Weight gain and exercise together were found to be something in a mismatch for me until I was serious into my weight gain plan. Ever since then I have been looking for some exercises which I could try at the comforts of my home itself. So here is the comprehensive post for all of us who are into the weight gain plan and can’t hit the gym.

Why is it necessary to exercise even if you are on a weight gain diet? Once you start gaining a few pounds you can see that in the absence of the exercises you will have fat deposits in the odd parts of your body. For me, I started seeing the difference with a bulging stomach. It was disgusting because I honestly dislike belly fat! Plus, exercising regularly helps you increase your appetite to a good extent. In short, exercises helps in toning the body the right way it should be!

Those people who are in a weight gain journey should follow resistance training exercises also called as strength training or weight training exercises are helpful in buildi…

Get to Know Me Better - Q & A!

Today I thought I would introduce me so that it helps you to know me better. I hope you enjoy going through it :)

Who am I? My name is Sana.

How Old am I? How much do I weigh? I am 22 years old and I weigh 48 kilograms as of now.

Where do I live? How my peer family tree looks like? I live in Thrissur, Kerala. I have my mom, dad, a younger brother, an elder sister and grandmother in my family.

What is my ambition or how does my future looks like? I am a wantrepreneur. I love challenges and risks as far the topic seems to be appealing to me:P I would like to have my entrepreneurial dreams come true one day, take my educational qualification to the next level, be a mom and live a LIFE!

What life has taught me so far? What is so essential in life for me? For me, the happenings in life are in a way trying to tell us something. So it’s important to interpret and finalize on a meaning. The victories or the mistakes are the best way to shape up a better you and me. The KEY to happiness should alw…

How to get rid of period Sickness + few period hacks to know!

I am back with a post on periods! In this post, I am going to talk more about how you can feel better on periods. Even if I do not feel that this will be helpful for every reader out there if it helps at least one reader I am glad. Periods are a time where we naturally go sick and our body gets weak. It aches everywhere and it is so bad to manage things like every other day! So in this post, I will be discussing those things which can help you get rid of this lazy or sick feeling.

Step 1: Prepare for your periods. I highly recommend you to download a mobile app like period tracker if you haven’t started using any.

Nellikkarishtam: The only remedy you'll need to increase your appetite!

One of those issues that I have been facing since a long time is the lack of appetite. When you are planning to gain weight and there are no natural appetite calls I receive from my body. I had more appetite in January but since then it was difficult for me because of this issue. I have been searching for natural remedies online as I do not want to take allopathic medicines. There was plenty of remedies that I could find online but I didn't feel that it would work for me. I also did a small research regarding ways to increase appetite offline and that was how I found this remedy. This is a keeper recipe or remedy. The main highlight is that I got an instant result! Can you imagine that?

How to increase your appetite naturally?

My Results of the Sugar Free Challenge:-

Hi all, it has been a month since I announced the sugar-free challenge. So here are the results! To be very honest with you guys, I have not been so regular with it. The last time I did it before, things went smoother than what has actually happened this time. So my results will be a combination of these two.  As I am into a weight gain plan, there was nothing dramatical as a weight loser would have an option to see.

So how does the sugar-free challenge go? All smooth until some ice-creams and chocolates were brought into my home by my little brother! It is pretty much difficult to stop yourself from these cravings especially when you're in the weight gainers list. But do not worry if you can't do that! Even skipping the excess sugar or the substituting sugar in your diet can bring in a lot of difference. But here are the things I noticed so far, with my sugar-free challenge:- 1) I started feeling light and live!
Yes. A weight gainer is light anyway, You might think. But no. Thi…

Is Banana a Weight Gain Fruit or a Weight Lose Fruit - My thoughts!

Banana is one of thepopular fruits someone’s favorite as well! When you search for weight gain, you will have tons of results whichshows banana can help you gain weight. At the same time, when you are searching for weight loss, you can find bananas on their list as well! Isn’t it confusing? It was pretty confusing for me to decide if it was a weight gain/weight loss fruit at the beginning. If you're thinking about the same, here is the comprehensive post which will be all that you need.

I've read it in both the weight gain and the weight loss blogs about howeffectivelydoes the bananas has helped them in their goals. Let us know a few facts about the banana. Bananas are rich in protein and are great for digestion.A Bananas also has a fair amount of fiber plus several antioxidants in it. Banana of 100 grams has a calorie count of 89. So basically if you know the amount of kcal you need to gulp down (in the case of a weight gainer) or you need to get rid of (in the caseof a weight…

My Top 10 Tips to Help Depression

Depression is one of the most common issues that we all have/ might face in future. Mental illness is the hard to treat among all other illness and you have to take the life in your own hands to ensure that you succeed. Depression is not something incurable. First of all, stop comparing your life with others. If you don’t have that habit, it is the greatest quality you could ever possess. Because nobody’s life is as good, as it looks on Facebook! IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU!
Top 10 tips which can help you get out of depression or at least to elevate your current mood. They are all personally tried and tested by me, so please take my words.
1) Treat yourself a soothing and relaxing bath. Turn on the shower or pour water slowly on your body parts, close your eyes and just relax. Add your favorite bath salt or light some candles to take it to another level.
2) Try to learn a new life skill every single day. A few ideas or suggestions, I could give is think of improving your typing speed, learn a …

How to Fake a Weight Gain in Just 3 Days!

Let me put it first! You won’t regret spending the time to read this post because I am drafting this right now after I have done it, got the results and loved it pretty much! This is a very simple exercise to fake a weight gain on your face. It is nothing costly or difficult! You can do it easily at the comforts of home, and if you are confident enough that no one is watching you, then probably at your office, school or anywhere else. All you need is just taking out 15 minutes from your day. I have been doing this exercise for the past week and I had to attend a wedding. People complimented me that I have gained!

How does this fake weight gain actually works?  This is an exercise. You can probably do it anywhere you want in either or both of the two ways. See yourselves which one is the most comfortable one for you and do it accordingly. Frankly speaking, I liked the second way. That way I do not feel like my face is heavy or painful. So no more words, heading straight away to the exe…

How I Quit the Habit of Overthinking?

Honestly, it is a difficult task to distinguish ourselves the situations where we have to think normally or do it normally. Today's world has been so complicated that instead of being thinking and taking a calm decision we are often indulged in the process of overthinking. It simply takes up all the energy that you could've used for creating a better outcome of the situations.

What is Overthinking? Getting lost in a loop of thoughts over the same thing which has already happened or something about a person, a situation, an important decision, past event etc.
Does overthink helps in anyways?  I would say a clear - NO. Thinking out of the box and overthinking are two extreme levels (at least for me). It is sure necessary to distinguish between these two and have a strong stand. In simple terms, let us relate Overthinking with over-cooking. Does over-cooking help us anyways? It simply takes the nutrients away, wastes our time, spoils our resources and moreover the efforts! And now…