Do Bananas Help You Lose Weight or Gain Weight? – My thoughts!

Is Banana the Best for weight gain or Weight Lose?

Banana is one of the popular fruits someone’s favorite as well! When you search for weight gain, you will have tons of results which shows banana can help you gain weight. At the same time, when you are searching for weight loss, you can find bananas on their list as well! Isn’t it confusing? It was pretty confusing for me to decide if it was a weight gain or a weight loss fruit at the beginning. If you’re thinking about the same, here is the comprehensive post which will be all that you need.

Is Banana a Weight Gain fruit or a weight lose fruit?

I’ve read it in both the weight gain and the weight loss blogs about how effectively does the bananas has helped them in their goals. Let us know a few facts about the banana. Bananas are rich in protein and are great for digestion. A Bananas also has a fair amount of fiber plus several antioxidants in it. Banana of 100 grams has a calorie count of 89. So basically if you know the amount of kcal you need to gulp down (in the case of a weight gainer) or you need to get rid of (in the case of a weight loser) add it in or getting it out helps you in your journey.
Suppose for a weight loser,
if you know how much of calories will you actually need for a day (read more about it here), you can easily manage your excess weight by bringing changes to your diet accordingly. So if a person decides to replace banana for a calorie-rich snack or dessert or even a meal of the day, you know, he will most probably lose weight (again if the number of banana is in moderation: P) you know you can’t lose weight when you are having 100 of them a day!
For a weight gainer,
If a person is eating his/her (calorie-rich) meals along with an additional number of bananas during a day, there is no doubt he/she will gain weight. It is because the addition of banana in the diet helps a weight gainer to gain an additional amount of calories into his or her diet thus making the target achievement easier.
If he or she does not take it as an addition to the meal and instead replaces a meal(breakfast, lunch, dinner) with a banana that will help him lose weight!
So, no matter it is a banana or any other fruits if it’s beyond your daily calorie requirements then obviously you are going to gain weight!  Banana is NOT a magic fruit for both the weight gainer and the weight loser. Your BMR and the fruit does work the trick.
Now you need not ask to do a banana a weight gain/weight loss aid, right?

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