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How to get rid of period Sickness + few period hacks to know!

I am back with a post on periods! In this post, I am going to talk more about how you can feel better on periods. Even if I do not feel that this will be helpful for every reader out there if it helps at least one reader I am glad. Periods are a time where we naturally go sick and our body gets weak. It aches everywhere and it is so bad to manage things like every other day! So in this post, I will be discussing those things which can help you get rid of this lazy or sick feeling.

how to get rid of period sickness feel better on periods

Step 1: Prepare for your periods. I highly recommend you to download a mobile app like period tracker if you haven’t started using any.
The app called “My calendar” is my favorite one. The highlight of this kind of an application is that even though you are too lazy to track your periods, all you have to do is that simply ‘tap’ the cat in the app and it does the job automatically. In just a click, this app will give you reminders in the coming months. There are so many other helpful features too like you can understand the dates where there are high chances of pregnancy, you can save details about your each period like mood swings, period length, flow, pain etc. So don't forget to check it out if you haven't done yet. This helps in tracking whether your periods are regular or not.

Step 2: Here are a few arrangements you can do on your periods or to get done well before in advance to your due date.
·    Get a hot water bag for yourself. This thing has actually helped me so much to ease the pain and relax. You can use it not just for your periods, but if you are having a body pain or else just give a few press with this bag and it feels a lot better in most of the cases. 
·    Sniff some nice fragrance or use a scented candle or air freshener or even an incense stick to make you feel better.
·    If you are like me and can’t take food just like how you do on the other days, ask someone to make milkshakes of some dense fruits to compensate the loss. Also, make sure you drink sufficient water.
·    If you love chocolates, do save a few to bite during this time of your month. A chocolate can do wonders anytime, but don’t take it in excess.
·    Drink fresh juices.
·    Your body is in a process of cleaning itself. So simply relax and hug your bed without any guilt because it's ME time.
·    You can do mild yoga postures.
·    Don't worry about those stains! Nothing is more important than your own mental health! I used to worry so much about anything for this particular reason but its okay girls! After all, it is just a stain!
·    Make sure you lie flat on your bed and your pillow is in the right position. Doing it wrong can give unnecessary pressure and pain on your stomach/back which is a big NO.

Period Hacks worth a try!:-
·   Take a soft-furred blanket or cloth and wrap your hot water bag in it. It feels much better on your stomach this way that how we usually keep it. It soothes your skin and you do not get that burning feeling after a while!
how to get rid of period sickness feel better on periods hacks

·   Usually we get the hatred towards our hair when we are on our periods! I have smooth hair and I have to redo my hair every now and then and it is so irritating to do when we are on periods. So wear a head cap or a shower cap to save you from this trouble.
·    When you empty your Facial wipes sachet, do not throw it away. Give a straight cut to the bottom side of the right seal of the sachet and place the folded sanitary napkins inside. This way you can carry the sanitary napkins in your handbag without worrying about some awkward moments.
·    Start having Himalaya Evecare Syrup to ease your pain! Yes, I have talked a lot about it on the blog and on Instagram but I still do it because of the DIFFERENCE that I see in myself. You can read more about my experience here.

If this post was helpful for you, then please do let me know in the comments and also don't forget to subscribe to my blog if you don't have to miss my future posts :)


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