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How I Quit the Habit of Overthinking?

Honestly, it is a difficult task to distinguish ourselves the situations where we have to think normally or do it normally. Today's world has been so complicated that instead of being thinking and taking a calm decision we are often indulged in the process of overthinking. It simply takes up all the energy that you could've used for creating a better outcome of the situations.

how to stop overthinking habit quit

What is Overthinking?

Getting lost in a loop of thoughts over the same thing which has already happened or something about a person, a situation, an important decision, past event etc.

Does overthink helps in anyways? 

I would say a clear - NO. Thinking out of the box and overthinking are two extreme levels (at least for me). It is sure necessary to distinguish between these two and have a strong stand. In simple terms, let us relate Overthinking with over-cooking. Does over-cooking help us anyways? It simply takes the nutrients away, wastes our time, spoils our resources and moreover the efforts! And now you know why overthinking is a waste of not just the time.

How to stop the habit of overthinking?

Personally, I had this habit of overthinking for each and every situation that the life showcases for me. I will think and keep on thinking of that stuff which can never happen in the real place. I do not know how but somewhere I have in the journey of life, I have developed this habit of believing that thinking about the worse things that can happen at once(for dealing with a particular instance), and when it doesn't happen in actual life - it kinds of give me a huge relief or double extra happiness.

For example, if I am waiting for my exam results, I will probably think that I will get a C or C+ grade but then when it reveals to be an A grade, I am done!

Similarly, of all the situations, This was my usual attitude or should I say the real bad habit.
Of late, I realized I am just exaggerating this to some insane levels or ridiculously handling things, I decided to quit this habit.

Instead of thinking the way I usually do, I started giving a thought and made myself ask a question - what if all these mind works or guesses go wrong? Aren't you giving yourself a stress and wasting your precious time which you can invest in good thoughts/probably revise/make improvements of the decision? I say myself " just belief in the Almighty, do the best you can, and let us FACE what happens at the worst!! " Trust me it does work this way!!

You can also keep yourselves busy with another activity that engages you for the time being. Surely, overthinking is a habit that develops when you have nothing better to do. Prove this to yourself and you will be glad you did. If you're excited to know what all activities do you can engage in, I highly recommend you to read this post

Also, it is important to sort yourselves at which situations do you usually overthink and what can you do to stop doing this habit. Ya, customization is very important here because there is the involvement of different mindsets!


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