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Weight Gain Goal #1 : Accomplished!

I can't forget this month. A lot of things both good and bad came along and I had to stay strong. I was supporting myself, motivating myself, cheering up myself and it all meant a single thing. Your best friend is yourself. Stop looking out for help when you CAN help yourself in situations. This is NO joke. I would've stayed depressed and gloomy all this while because there were plenty of reasons. But I decided to treat myself the way it should be. Overall, I am glad that it did, it made me feel brave and stronger now :)

I am also happy that I joined MBA  in Sikkim Manipal University DE. I can't be happier because I realize that my parents haven't lost their faith in me.

Weight Gain update:-

I saw the long awaited 50 kg -110 pounds Mark on my weighing scale today! Gained 11 pounds i.e, 5 kilograms to be exact since I started this blog. It was indeed a slow phase but now I know things better. Like how my typical day and diet should be. I drink water just like how we are…

Weight Gain Regime + Tips Suggested by my Dietician!

Finally, I made up my mind to meet a dietician! Meeting a dietician has been a pending task for a longggggg time. I have always wanted to take an appointment, but somehow I missed it from time to time due to various reasons. It would not be a lie if I say I felt I could save the money for the appointment to buy myself some butter, cheese, and cream :P Plus, I was suspicious regarding the meet up with the doctor because a few doctors are stupid enough to comment " just eat everything and drink BOOST daily!" Ufff... I can't handle these dialogues anymore. So finally, yesterday I decided to face whatever that's gonna come up.

I literally convinced myself that it won't be an abashing experience since a dietician won't be so rude to someone like me. AND yes, I was right!

I decided to talk about these matters in particular like my current
eating habits, anemic history, and all time fatigueness.

First of all, she asked me my age and checked my height and weight. My heig…

My Special Muesli Recipe:-

Muesli is one of the popular breakfast dishes with oats, cornflakes, almonds, raisins, and other cereals. It is a complete pack for healthy nutrients. I started including it recently into my diet and so, I am sharing this recipe with you.

Muesli can be taken either with milk or yogurt. I am taking it with yogurt these days because I am almost sick of using milk in everything: P

Sour-less yogurt
Condensed milk
Fresh cream(optional)

Take the yogurt and beat in condensed milk as per your taste. Whisk it very well and keep it in the fridge for about ten minutes( this step is optional, but it feels like a dessert when you do it). Now add the Muesli, mix it and have it. Yumm.. Top it with some fresh cream and serve.

I take it as a snack usually. Or even have it after regular meals. I hope you will love it as much as I do :)

My Weekly Weight Gain Update - I

This series was supposed to be live since the first week of April but I am sorry that it got this delayed. I have been doing not so well for the past few days ( now I am alright) plus the network issues and 'water scarcity- for around 3-4 days' got me hold back behind. So from today on wards, I am back with a bang.

 Weight Update: - 

Since the past few days, to be precise in three days, I was able to get back on the track, weight, plus half a kilogram more.  Yes. I gained a kilogram or about 2 pounds in less than a week. I am super excited to share my routine because I have bought a few store-bought healthy snacks or stuff to help me gain more weight. I am sharing all that with you in this post.
The surprise of this month: - 
I am very glad that I didn't lose my weight after even my periods as I supposed it to be! Just lost half a kilogram and it was indeed a surprise for me! 
My Current Weight Gain Routine:- 
1) A medium bowl of oats cooked in full cream milk. I have been taking…

Power- Packed Special Banana & Peanut Drink Recipe :-

I am sharing a very quick yet yummy weight gaining breakfast drink today. You can have it to compensate or accompany with a snack too. It is so filling, nutritious and delicious recipe as well! But before I share the secrets, make sure you 'subscribe to my blog' by clicking on the link near to this post. This way  you don't miss any of my future posts :) Now let us begin with the recipe.


Poha/Aval/Flattened(Beaten)Rice - 1/4 cup (270 calories in 1 cup)
Small banana - 2 no.s (or use 1 large banana)
Peanuts - 1/4 cup ( beat it to pieces and leave the skin behind)
Sugar- as needed
Horlicks/ Boost- 2 tbsp
Freezed milk- around 1 1/2 cups
(I suggest you to use the frozen milk- itself for its icecream kind of texture)

N.B:- For freezing milk, just leave the milk packet as it is in the freezer for about 6-8 hours. Once it is completely freezed, use a meat tendiser or even your rolling pin to mash it up and you are ready to go! ✌

1) Dry roast the Poha/aval/…

A must have application for fitness lovers- 'Food'!

Even if you are into a weight gain or weight loss diet, this application will be a boon to you. I am going to introduce a mobile application which helps in our journey to become fit. I have been using this app since a few days and I like it a lot hence this post. I hope this app will be found helpful to you as much as it did to me. 
The application – Food!

Download the free application called calorie, carb and fat counter developed by virtuagym which has the logo of a half sliced apple. This app is available both on android and iOS platforms. The main highlight of this app is that its food database is developed by food nutritionists.

How the application works:
First of all, you’ll have to sign up and login. You can also login using your Facebook or Google account. Then you’ll have an option to enter your date of birth, height and current weight. Next, you’ll be given an option to select from a few options to set your goal say, weight loss, maintain weight, gain weight, build muscles et…

Introducing Some Upcoming Changes to Blog ;)

Bringing a few new changes here :)

Hi peeps,

Today I thought I will acknowledge you about a few changes that I plan to bring up on my blog. So these are the things that you are going to see here in my blog super soon. I hope you are glad about the changes and I truly believe that it helps both the parties to keep our journey both motivating and successful.

1. You can get my weekly updates (on blog) +as  food journal (Instagram pics) from now on. Being a south Indian and a keralite in particular, I do not know if that would be actually of any help to you but again I am sure it is going to give you a rough idea about my food and diet.

2. I am going to share a list of the best fitness applications for mobile which can help us in our journey.

3. Daily weight gain updates on Instagram from tomorrow onwards! Do follow me on Instagram (@skinnyzblog) for more deets.

4. A few popular weight gain tricks (to be given on day 1) and its results + my experiences.

Truly looking forward towards the …

Weight Gain Update - March!

Hi girls,

First of all, sorry for the delay in this post. I was supposed to publish it yesterday but my network was damn slow and I couldn't help it. Today again, I moved to my mom's place for a few days stay and got busy that way. Finally, I am giving it a GO :)

I am here with my weight update for the month of march. I was trying out few new things in my life for the purpose of gaining weight and the experience was quite different from that of the usual. So here is how it went for the month of March!

I currently weigh 48.5 kgs! Yes!!yes! And I am so happy about it. (Sorry for the messy pic. I just didn't see anything else than the numbers when I was clicking it :))

Though the gain was not somewhere crazy like some 4 kilograms in a month, I was happy that I could make it to 48.5. There are a 'few things' to be discussed or addressed which is quite a problem with some of us, so I promise to share it in a maximum of two weeks. I would hopefully come up with the solu…