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My Weekly Weight Gain Update - I

This series was supposed to be live since the first week of April but I am sorry that it got this delayed. I have been doing not so well for the past few days ( now I am alright) plus the network issues and 'water scarcity- for around 3-4 days' got me hold back behind. So from today on wards, I am back with a bang.

 Weight Update: - 

Since the past few days, to be precise in three days, I was able to get back on the track, weight, plus half a kilogram more. 
Yes. I gained a kilogram or about 2 pounds in less than a week. I am super excited to share my routine because I have bought a few store-bought healthy snacks or stuff to help me gain more weight. I am sharing all that with you in this post.

The surprise of this month: - 

I am very glad that I didn't lose my weight after even my periods as I supposed it to be! Just lost half a kilogram and it was indeed a surprise for me! 

My Current Weight Gain Routine:- 

1) A medium bowl of oats cooked in full cream milk. I have been taking it on those days on days which I felt I have failed to meet up with my calorie requirements per day. Plus, I ate 3-4 baby bananas before bed. I believe this has helped me maintain my weight. (Of course, if you add it as part of your daily diet along with your other meals of the day, you can obviously gain weight)

2) Taking Muesli has helped me so much to gain the 0.5 kg in less than a week. I was following a special recipe which will be soon up on the blog. Do wait for it because it is a real keeper recipe. As Muesli has a lot of ingredients in it say rolled oats, cornflakes, almonds, raisins etc we can add more calories into our diet easily!

3) I included peanut butter into my diet. Yeah I used store bought one this time and I made peanut and dark chocolate fudge recipe to eat it whenever I felt like having a sweet. As peanuts + dark chocolates are high in calories, I just love to have it my diet! I am going to make peanut Butter at home to make this fudge again and store it in my freezer.

4) Water! Yes, I have been so reluctant to include enough water in my diet because of my laziness. But, of late I have learned the art of carrying a bottle of water around me every time so whenever I am thirsty I just sip on it. The best time when I am able to drink more water is before bed. Yeah! 

5) Also, I have been taking some dairy products on which I will be soon making a post.

6) I was also relying on real fruit juices these days because of this real hot summer! Not to forget, this banana- peanut milkshake as well!

7) I ate three boiled eggs which were then filled with chopped onion and chilies, finally into a batter of all purpose flour + salt and fried in hot oil, yesterday in just a single sitting! (I was honestly fighting back)

Things I DIDN'T do purposefully: - 

1) Relying on store bought snacks which are deep fried! Those mixtures and other unhealthy snacks which can only give me acidity issues are a big no for me.

2) I hardly have a craving for biscuits. Whenever I have it I either bake it for myself or if I am super lazy I eat the good ones alone.

Though I have gained more than 8 pounds, there is hardly anyone who recognizes that I have gained weight! All thanks to my height, I guess I need to reach some 52 kilograms to see any visible results! 


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