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Weight Gain Goal #1 : Accomplished!

I can't forget this month. A lot of things both good and bad came along and I had to stay strong. I was supporting myself, motivating myself, cheering up myself and it all meant a single thing. Your best friend is yourself. Stop looking out for help when you CAN help yourself in situations. This is NO joke. I would've stayed depressed and gloomy all this while because there were plenty of reasons. But I decided to treat myself the way it should be. Overall, I am glad that it did, it made me feel brave and stronger now :)

I am also happy that I joined MBA  in Sikkim Manipal University DE. I can't be happier because I realize that my parents haven't lost their faith in me.

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Weight Gain update:-

I saw the long awaited 50 kg -110 pounds Mark on my weighing scale today! Gained 11 pounds i.e, 5 kilograms to be exact since I started this blog. It was indeed a slow phase but now I know things better. Like how my typical day and diet should be. I drink water just like how we are often asked to do so. Though this is NOT the first time I am weighing 50 kilograms 'this point' was from where my weight went down from, in the year 2012 :)

The real struggle is from now on because I haven't crossed the 50 kg mark in my life. I hope to get to 55 kilograms which are my current goal and my 'looks' will decide if I have to continue gaining some weight or to maintain my weight!

One issue that is bothering me right now is that nobody recognizes that I have gained weight. But in a little bit of scrutiny, I saw that there is a visible change to my upper arms. When I searched online I found that it is a normal case. I personally feel it might be because I have a broad shoulder and I am enough tall as well. Not so sure...though.

One new update for my readers: if you are also on a weight gain track, I would like to share your experience here on this page as testimonials. Please do send me an email if you need any help to get started.


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