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Why Do You Do Not Gain Any Weight? - 5 Questions To Ask Yourself!

Seriously, I have asked myself the question: "Why am I do not gaining any weight" for years together! Whenever someone reminds me of how thin am I, this question pops into my mind! Not to mention - that was the only thing I did (Only questioning and no actions).

If you too have the same question then continue reading this post and you might probably find a solution to your problem.

why do i do not gain any weight answer

First of all, try to answer these questions!

1) Have you checked your BMI? Do you know your ideal weight?

If not, I highly recommend you to do it at first place. First of all, it would be a good motivation for you to get to the desired weight for your proportions. Also, you can understand how much pounds more you have to gain to make it alright. You can read more about it here.

2) How many meals do you take in a day?

Whenever I used to complain about why am I not gaining any weight, I forgot to answer this question! I was having only 3 meals (that too in a small proportion) +/- a snack in the evening and I am done for the day!!!!. This is how my typical diet looks like and that IS enough to answer the whole thing.

3) How much do you eat in a single meal?

I have been asked this question few times like "you eat so much and even then you look this skinny! from my friends or relatives" I too had to give it a thought. Well, just understand it guys - eating a heavy meal once in a blue moon won't gain you any weight! EVEN if you did, you will lose it soon.

Even if we consider our regular meals, just as and when we get a feeling to gain weight, we tend to increase our food proportions. But how many days do you continue to do the same? At most three days??! To reflect the changes from our new diet it takes time for our body. Be regular and consistent with your food habits. It DOES its job this way! If you haven't read how many meals do I have on a single day and how do my diet looks like please check this post where I have mentioned my dietician's advice.

4) Do you wait for your appetite calls for a meal, always?

If yes, you are doing it wrong. Being skinny for years, typically means our body is used to the low diet that we have been consuming all this while. So start taking an appetite booster ( I use this ayurvedic syrup). I have heard that soaked raisins overnight has improved appetite for some. You can try it too. Even then, you can munch on things whenever you remember you are on a weight gain track!

5) Do you p**p frequently when trying to increase your food for gaining weight?

This happened to me as well in the initial few days ( like 1 or 2 days) of my WG journey and I know how irritating (and disgusting) it is. But it is OK. Consider it to be a normal behavior, and continue having the same amount of meals. I know it is a kind of disappointing but I do not face such an issue now. So yes, this phase too will get over!

6) Still not gaining weight..?

If you are hundred percent sure that you are NOT gaining any weight even after 2 weeks of a regular and consistent diet which have covered your daily calorie intake, then you might be having some hormonal problems. High time for an appointment with your doctor.


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