Instant Remedy to Get Rid of Frequent Hiccups

how to get rid of hiccups

Hiccups were one of the regular problems for me until recently. Thankfully, now, it is under control. I no more have to suffer it like daily! Seriously, it was a suffering. Here are the few things that worked for me. I am sharing with you here because I believe at least one of you might be having this issue like regularly.

The first thing to do is to make sure you have a good eating habit. In taking your food on a particular time regularly (do not delay it though). The more you leave your stomach empty the more you have chances to get the hiccups. So eat your food on time. No excuses here. Because Hiccups occurring this way, cannot be treated like the below step. It will take a while to subside no matter what.

If you’re still getting hiccups like randomly, the best thing that you can do is grab a glass of water. But wait! Before you are going to gulp it down in a single step, bend your neck down and start taking the water sip by sip. Of course, little by little. It might feel a little difficult to drink water this way, but it has never failed to work for me! (When I am confident that I haven’t kept my stomach empty for a long while)

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  1. Getting Hiccups is very regular thing that happens in human life. Some times it stops after a certain time and some time it irritates continuously. If there is any sudden shock happens to him, there is a chance of stopping hiccups.

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