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My 7 day Mini- Banana Weight Gain Challenge + Results!

Quick Weight Gain with Mini Bananas- Take Up The 7 Day Challenge, Today!!
On the past one week, I was in an another 7-day weight gain challenge. The idea of the challenge accidentally hit me when I decide to start eating baby bananas on the last Monday. Now, you might have the question- why am I going for baby/mini varieties of Bananas? Honestly, I am not so comfortable with the taste of the large bananas. For me, the baby bananas were having only a subtle flavor which makes it easy for me to gulp down a LOT of them in one go!

And then the fact hit me, why not to do it as a challenge so that you guys can actually get to know my results and experience. So that if at all it works, you can try it for yourselves. 
On the fourth day of my challenge, I did a little research about the nutrition facts of baby bananas. That was when I realized, I was accidentally on the right track. Baby bananas have no fat, but just one banana has 80 calories in it! That was amazing.! And it was actually then t…

Weighing Scale- Things You Got to Know!

Weighing Scale- Few Things You Got to K

A few months before, I went to my grandma's house for a few days stay. There, I had an opportunity to use both of the weighing scales say both the digital and analog. And you won't believe what I got to see!!
Analog or Digital Weighing Scale - Which One is the Best?
As some of you might be already knowing I use the analog scale for weighing myself throughout the day.
When I went to grandma's home, I used to weigh with the digital scale in the initial days. If you have ever used a digital scale, you'll know how random do the digits appear on the screen. 

Weigh yourself placing the scale between two-floor tiles, you'll get a different digit. 

The first time you stand on them, you will see some nice numbers ( usually high - which is a happy moment for a weight gainer). But soon you step up again on it and realize you have lost weight! It is that ridiculous!

And there is no joke. It mostly takes me 3 or 4 times to get the numbers right …

Top 5 Dairy Products a Weight Gainer Should Definitely Try!

My Favorite 5 Dairy Products for Weight Gain! ( Sorry, no ice creams in the list) Hey everyone,
When you're determined to gain weight, it is obvious that you are into some sort of a dilemma on deciding what sort of food you should have in your diet. Yeah, I am talking about 'healthy weight gain' and not the accumulation of fats. 

Here are some must have dairy products you should keep in stock if you're opting for weight gain. Dairy products can be really helpful to lend you enough protein for the day. However, make sure you stay in the limit with the use of these products ( after considering workout plans).

1. Butter:- 

Butter is healthy in moderation because it has lots of healthy saturated fats in it. Add butter to your meals by replacing oil in your recipes with it or use it to top your bread or roti's to have an additional gain. It is yummy and smells heavenly. 

I usually do not use more than 2 tablespoons a day unless I am baking a brownie, cake or cookie sort of th…

Gain 1.5 kilograms in a week with this 2 ingredient Miracle Remedy!

How I gained 1.5 kilograms in a week with this 2 ingredient Miracle Remedy!
Hey everyone, 
Today I am going to share a miracle recipe for weight gain. It can get you a weight gain of at least 1.5 kilograms per week. For the past one week, I have been trying out this remedy and I am honestly so happy that I tried it out. 

I have started trying this remedy exactly since the last Friday. I was waiting to weigh myself in the early morning today ( on an empty stomach) to share this remedy with you guys. 
Miracle Recipe For Weight Gain:-

Ghee/Clarified butter: 3 teaspoons Sugar: 1.5 teaspoons ( Optional, but to ease your taste buds)
Just mix the two ingredients and have it in the evening or even after breakfast(if you prefer to have it in the morning). 

My Experience:
The results were quick that I saw a change in my weight from the third day of my trial period. 
I have lost my weight from 50 kg to 46.6 kg as I was caught with fever for a few days. This remedy has helped me get back to my…