My 7 day Mini- Banana Weight Gain Challenge + Impressive Results!

my 7 day mini banana weight gain challenge and results

Take Up The 7 Day Challenge for Quick Weight Gain, Today!!

On the past one week, I was in another 7-day weight gain challenge. The idea of the challenge accidentally hit me when I decide to start eating baby bananas on the last Monday. Now, you might have the question- why am I going for baby/mini varieties of Bananas? Honestly, I am not so comfortable with the taste of the large bananas. For me, the baby bananas were having only a subtle flavor which makes it easy for me to gulp down a LOT of them in one go! So, here is my weight gain challenge with bananas for a week. Did it work? Read on the post.

Weight Gain challenge quick result mini banana in a week

And then the fact hit me, why not to do it as a challenge so that you guys can actually get to know my results and experience. So that if at all it works, you can try it for yourselves. 
On the fourth day of my challenge, I did a little research about the nutrition facts of baby bananas. That was when I realized, I was accidentally on the right track. Baby bananas have no fat, but just one banana has 80 calories in it! That was amazing.! And it was actually then that I felt even more hopeful.

My Results with the 7 day Mini Banana Weight Gain Challenge:- 

I started with the challenge when I was 48 kgs on empty stomach. Here is how much bananas I ate in the past week along with the days mentioned. You can obviously eat more 😉
  • On Monday, I ate 3 bananas
  • On Tuesday– I ate 5 of them
  • On Wednesday– I ate 7 bananas
And the next day, when I checked my weight on an empty stomach, I was weighing 49 kgs!
  • On Thursday I could eat only 2 bananas. The leftover two from the previous purchase. My dad bought enough bananas today but they were not ripe 🙁 
Though at first, I had a bad feeling; I thought it would be a great idea to rest for a day right in the middle of the challenge week so that my body doesn’t feel exhausted and I could also see if the results disappear overnight or not! Luckily, it didn’t!
  • On Friday– I ate 7 bananas
  • On Saturday– I ate 6 bananas. 
  • On Sunday– I ate 6 bananas again. 
The next day, I checked my weight on empty stomach, I weighed 50 kilograms! 

It is actually unbelievable for me to realize that I have gained 2 kilograms with just the addition of mini bananas in my diet.

This is a 100% working remedy and highly suggest each of you opting for a weight gain to try it out just for a week and see the results for yourselves.! And yes, I do expect you to come back and leave me your comment on how it helped you with your WG journey. 
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  1. I remember trying something like this last year, Sana. And yes, I gained weight consuming a lot of bananas. They indeed help! 🙂

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