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Ready to Take-up the 7 Day Weight Gain Challenge?

Hey, Of late, I have shared few 7-day challenges which give great results at the end of the week. I decided to continue the series trying out even more ideas. But unfortunately it is just a month left for my big day and now I am in full swing to gain as much weight as possible. 

Also, My weighing scale has stopped functioning and my new weighing is on its way to me. Till then, I am actually stuffing myself with the best food I can to gain more weight. I shall post the update once I receive it. 

Thus, I decided to merge my ideas into a single post which is definitely worth trying.

If you are looking for gaining weight in a few months, I absolutely recommend trying out each of these ideas below. 

1) Banana Challenge - I have already tried it myself and saw the results. If you haven't checked it out yet, check it here. I have given as many details as possible over there. 

2) Rice Water Challenge- This is something that I have started trying out since the past 3 days. It is just that you ha…

Sweet Banana Omlette Recipe For Easy Weight Gain

Weight Gain Special Omelette With Banana
Needless to say, bananas and eggs help really well for those who opt for a weight gain. Here is a recipe which uses both plus loads of nuts. It might sound simple, but the process is a bit long for an omelette. But it tastes awesome. 
This recipe is adapted from a popular Malabar dish where they use more eggs and more bananas. 
Eggs-2  Large Banana- 1 Cashews- 4 tbsps chopped Sugar- as required Cardamom Powder- 1/4 pinch Ghee- 3 tbsps
Method of preparation:
Chop the banana into slightly small pieces.Keep a pan on flame, add ghee and fry the cashews. Keep it aside in a plate and allow it to cool down completely.Add some more ghee and fry the chopped banana pieces until they are browned nicely. If your banana is even riper; toast it until the color becomes a dull yellow. Move it to a plate and wait until it's cooled down completely. Break the eggs in a bowl, add the sugar and the cardamom powder. Beat it really well, add the roasted cashews …

Endura Mass Weight Gainer Review

Does Endura Mass Weight Gainer Really Work?Endura mass weight gainer is one of the widely used weight gaining powder supplements in India. It is budget friendly and claims to give you an additional 3000+ calories in a day, which can be considered as a good amount of calories for a skinny to gain weight! Read on to decide whether it is worth the money.

Price:- ₹ 595 for 500 grams
Product description:-

Energy Values:

My experience with Endura Mass Weight Gainer:
One fine day, I was searching for the weight gaining supplements or powders available in Indian market and that was how I came to know about this product! I read each and every review below the product on Amazon and there were mixed reviews about it and I was puzzled. but my mind (&health) insisted me to give it a try! I tried searching for it in my local stores and there was no way I could find it. That was how I was forced to buy this online for the first time. 

This is my second bottle. I bought the second one; NOT because I wa…

Tips To Gain Weight while You Stay in Hostel

Tips to Gain Weight for Hostelers!
A few years back, While I was staying in a hostel I have asked this question myself many times. Being in the hostel, you're probably restricted to the facilities and even appropriate food ideas. I had to oblige to the poor food that is provided and obviously tends to lose even more weight. 

So today I am giving you a few ideas which you can incorporate into your hostel diet and this should definitely help you! As a note, I would like to say you that Most of the options that I have given below are pocket-friendly. 

While someone has an access to cooking stove and fridge you might not have it. So Choose the best that works for you from the below-given ideas.

Weight Gain Tips For Hostelers:- 1) Peanut Butter:- 

If you're supplied chapati or roti in your mess, you can use peanut butter as a spread on them. If you do not have them, don't worry. Supply yourself some bread. Spread Peanut butter and eat it when you're feeling hungry. Use bread in …

100% Natural,Syrup for Increasing Appetite - Fast Results!

Make this Natural Appetite Boosting Syrup at Home that gives you Guaranteed Results from the First Use! Today I am sharing with you one of the easy remedies that you can try for boosting your appetite. I have already shared a product review here and a set of other alternatives from where you can choose the best home remedies for you. If you haven't checked that post out, here is the direct link.

I tried this remedy today and I was actually not hoping for such fast results. I started it in the belief that I will have to continue with it consistently for a few days. But it showed me the results the same day. Hence, I am sharing it with you right away. 

Ingredients required for this Natural Appetite Booster Syrup:Fennel Seeds- 2 TspWhole Black Pepper- 2 TspChopped Ginger- 2 TspWater- 5 to 6 Tbsps or as requiredSalt - to taste Preparation of this appetite booster: You can either make this in a grinder or a blender or use a mortar and pestle. I used the latter option. Add the chopped gin…

Vegan Oats Milk at Home - Recipe!

How to Make Oats Milk at Home! I have been looking for some budget-friendly and vegan options to substitute for milk (as I am currently having sinusitis issues) and here is where it came to an end. I love how easy it is to make and it tastes good as well. 
Can you believe when I say 1 cup of oats milk has enough calories almost equal to that of your regular dairy milk!?

Ingredients for Vegan Oats Milk:-Oats - 1/2 cup Water - 1 cup  Flavour- Vanilla or your choice 
Method of Preparing Oats Milk:- 
Boil the water and add oats to it. Let it sit for aside for about 30 minutes or until the water is completely cooled down. 
Take your blender and blend it out smoothly. Add water to bring it to the right consistency. 
Now take a close knitted sieve and sieve it. This step is optional (if you do not want to miss out fiber, then do not blend) 

Take the residue and blend it again with enough water. Sieve it once again and add the flavorings plus sugar/honey! 

Easy Lentil Soup Recipe for a Quick Weight Gain:-

Weight Gain Special Lentil Soup:- Lentils are rich in both protein and carbohydrates. About half a cup (100 gms) of lentils has 116 calories in it. They are also high in fiber.So I thought it would be a great option if I include it in my diet. Hence I tried a soup recipe which could be easily included in my regular diet. 
Ingredients for Easy Weight Gaining Lentil Soup:-
1. Lentil - I used the Yellow Variety- 1 cup 2. Water- 3 cups and more  3. Cumin seeds-1 tsp 4. Onion- 1 chopped 5. Tomatoes- 1/2 chopped 6. Pepper and Salt to taste 7. Oil- 2 tsp
Method of Preparing this Easy Weight Gaining Lentil Soup:- 
Into a pressure cooker, add the washed, lentil, water, salt, cumin, onion and tomatoes and cook until 2 whistles.
Wait for the pressure to subside before you open up the cooker. Using a ladle or a handheld blender bring the lentil into a fine paste. Add more water if required, to bring it to a soup like consistency. 
Alternatively, if you do not own a handheld blender you can wait for the mixtur…

Endura Mass Weight Gainer Shake Recipe - For Vegans!

Endura weight gainer is one of the popular mass gaining drink in India. I recently bought it from Amazon and thought to share with you my review and experience with the same.

How To Take Mass Gain Shakes Without Milk?
As I am suffering from sinusitis, I thought to take a break from milk for a few weeks consecutively. That made me look for alternatives regarding how I can drink this weight gain product without compromising too much with the calories. Hence, I am sharing with you this particular recipe which calls for no milk! If you do not like the taste of milk, you do not have to skip or miss the drink now, but just try this recipe. I am telling you it tastes good and you'll have no trouble in slurping it down. Also, I have used the banana which gives you just a subtle flavor that makes it easy again.

Ingredients Required for The Endura Mass Weight Gainer Shake:
Mini- Banana - 1 (If you like your shakes to be thick, you can use 2)Sugar/honey - as per your tasteCoconut Milk - 1 glas…

Yoga For Menstrual Cramps - My experience!

Effective Yoga Poses For Menstrual Cramps -My experience!Hey girls, 
This post is just for sharing you a wonderful remedy for menstrual cramps. A natural cure for periods is definitely worth a yes! 
This video is not mine and all the credits go to its owners. I am just trying to spread the word and to explain how effective it was for me. 
I have already mentioned in my previous post that this particular product has helped me pretty well in dealing with the cramps. But, of late I have been so irregular with its intake and it REALLY messed up with my cramps too. 
I have been doing yoga as in the video and I am feeling so much relieved with the pain and hence this post. 
For all the girls who are having a tough time with your periods, please do try this YOGA! It takes just 10 minutes of your day and nothing else. But trust me, it helps!!!
Here is the video!