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Endura Mass Weight Gainer Review

Does Endura Mass Weight Gainer Really Work?

Endura mass weight gainer is one of the widely used weight gaining powder supplements in India. It is budget friendly and claims to give you an additional 3000+ calories in a day, which can be considered as a good amount of calories for a skinny to gain weight! Read on to decide whether it is worth the money.

Endura mass weight gainer review

Price:- ₹ 595 for 500 grams

Product description:-

Endura mass weight gainer review

Energy Values:

Endura mass weight gainer review

My experience with Endura Mass Weight Gainer:

One fine day, I was searching for the weight gaining supplements or powders available in Indian market and that was how I came to know about this product! I read each and every review below the product on Amazon and there were mixed reviews about it and I was puzzled. but my mind (&health) insisted me to give it a try! I tried searching for it in my local stores and there was no way I could find it. That was how I was forced to buy this online for the first time. 

This is my second bottle. I bought the second one; NOT because I was quite happy and satisfied with the results from my first use but because I felt It deserves a second chance. 

I bought the one in chocolate flavor but there are other options such as banana, vanilla, and strawberry to choose from.

Ingredients & the special Formula:

Endura mass weight gainer review

Suggested Use:

Endura mass weight gainer review

How I used my first bottle:- 

I bought my first bottle back in 2015. Then the packaging was a tin. If I am not wrong, that packaging was not having many instructions or directions to get the optimum results out of it. due to my ignorance, I started using it in water along with irregular compulsory meals.

To no amusement, it yielded no results and my money went waste. 

Again in 2016, I came across the same product on Amazon and this time the packaging was quite neat (plastic) and it had many instructions. The reviews again craved for a let's try it quench in me. 

I did and that's how I bought this one. 

Supplement Facts:

Endura mass weight gainer review

Honestly, I did not like its taste much. Apart from that, if you drink just the powder itself in a glass of milk- it's heavy! I did have some troubles in the initial days but then it subsided and became normal.

If you blend it with bananas as mentioned in the instructions, it gives a really thick protein shake which is something that I do not prefer at all. 

The product has to be started using once a day and then slowly to make it twice a day. 

I tried my level best to get myself move in alignment with its directions, but my tastebuds refused to do so. 

I would rather prefer to have this powder with my milk alone and then eat bananas afterward. I tried this way as well, but I did not get any remarkable result.

Results of Endura Mass Weight Gainer:- 

It would have helped me gain a pound or two and I am obviously not more than that.   

Hence, I am not going purchase it again. 

It is better to buy some bananas and have it consistently rather than to buy on protein powders I feel. You can read my b-protin supplement review HERE. 

Also, I personally feel that if one is getting an additional 3000+ calories in a single day, then you should start seeing the results even in 2-3 days. So why do they give a 3-4 weeks time span! 

Its shelf life is 3 years but once you have opened the bottle it is better to finish it up in 1 month, otherwise, the powder gets clumped up on its own. 

It is also better to have an active workout plan when you are taking this. 


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