Yoga For Menstrual Cramps – My experience!

Effective Yoga Poses For Menstrual Cramps -My experience!

This post is just for sharing you a wonderful remedy for menstrual cramps. A natural cure for periods is definitely worth a yes! I have been doing yoga as in the video and I am feeling so much relieved with the pain and hence this post. 
This video is not mine and all the credits go to its owners. I am just trying to spread the word and to explain how effective it was for me. 
I have already mentioned in my previous post that this particular product has helped me pretty well in dealing with the cramps. But, of late I have been so irregular with its intake and it REALLY messed up with my cramps too. 
For all the girls who are having a tough time with your periods, please do try this YOGA! It takes just 10 minutes of your day and nothing else. But trust me, it helps!!!

Here is the video!


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