Get Fit With The Top Bloggers- Part 1- Anjana Muralidharan

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Hey everyone,

I am so excited to write down this post as this is the first time that we are doing a collaboration post on our blog.

Anjana, the author of curlsandbeautydiary blog readily accepted my request for sharing her fitness regime with us. If you have Curly hair and are really struggling to manage your crown, do check out her blog. It will help you for sure and there tonnes of testimonials as proof. Also, don’t forget to follow her on Instagram @curlsandbeautydiary so that you miss no future updates from her.


get fit with blogger-anjana-curlsandbeautydiary

Now, let us get into the Fitness talk!

1) What’s your height and weight?
— 160 cms, 52 Kg

2) Are you happy with your current weight? Do you wish any pounds to get extra or minus?
— I would like to be at 50 Kg.

3)Are you skeptical about your daily diet? And is there any foods do you purposefully avoid?
— off late, yes. I completely avoid casein(milk protein) and refined vegetable oils, I minimize gluten as much as possible. I try to consume lots of vegetables and fruits. I consume healthy fats like coconut, olive, and ghee.

4) What do you usually eat in a typical day?
— Breakfast- Idli and Sambar,
Lunch – Boiled Rice and Veggies,
Evening – Fruits,
Dinner – Rice and Veggies.
I eat chicken and eggs once a week.

5) What is your most preferred snack?
— Fruit Smoothies. My latest finding: Watermelon + Avocado + Banana

6) What is your favorite dessert?
Whatever I am trying to avoid completely- I love everything made with milk protein! 😩 Cheesecakes, Cupcakes, Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai. I miss them!

7) Is there any supplement you take on a regular basis?
— Magnesium, Probiotics, Omega3, Vitamin D, Selenium and Iodine.

8) Do you have any advice/suggestions for managing proper weight?
— Try to workout at least 5 days a week. Eat healthy and clean for at least 5 days a week. Home cooked meals are the best, though not always easy.

What I liked the most:-

 First of all, I loved her fruit smoothie combination and I am definitely going to try it as soon as I get hold of the ingredients!The list of supplements she takes is an eye-opener for me. I’m going to try out all the supplements which will suit my body.

Bonus Points : To Know Regarding The Supplements:

For those who need to know (a further) more of the supplements, here you go.

Magnesium- For Muscles.

Probiotics- Helps to maintain good bacteria in the stomach. (for better digestion)

Vitamin D- Obviously for bones.

Selenium- Helps with immunity, sexual health, skin(antioxidant).

That’s it, guys. I hope this weight gain series with top bloggers will prove to be helpful for each of you. Keep waiting for more posts on the series 🙂

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  1. Wow, you are so fit <3 Oh, I would love to have a body like you as well – I keep trying, but I also keep failing – yet what I've learnt is, that it's not worth to give up 😛 Nice post though – will definitely keep motivated for a bit 😛

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