Special Announcement regarding my WG journey!

Special Announcement regarding my WG journey!

Hello everyone,

As some of you might be already knowing I have put a final date down for getting my weight gain goals in hand. Yeah, my weight gain journey is coming to an end by March 31, 2018. I can’t hold back the excitement with you guys because each one of you reading my blog has been a part of my journey. And I feel so thankful and I really hope you have the best guide to gain weight by the time I wind up mine!

So I started my blog when I was mere 44 kilograms and currently i am weighing 50 kilograms. I have reached 53 kilograms somewhere towards the end but sadly couldn’t be consistent enough to maintain that weight.

While starting the blog I had a intentions –
1) Obviously, I should reach my weight gain goals.
2) I want a genuine space for all those who wants to gain weight – by not having to read all science behind it. (yeah, I’m sorry for those came for the science)
3) I want each of my weight gain steps to be on my blog so that it helps them to distinguish what’s working and what is not!
4) I want my blog to be an ultimate guide for people who want to gain weight with not having to hit gym!
5) Rounding up, I wanted Google results to give weight gain results ALONE on weight gain search results! ( I am fed up with the search results showing weight lose remedies when I’m trying to find ways to gain weight!)

Lastly, I believe there should be no more bad times (both for me and my readers) for being underweight. Show them that you can gain weight and be healthier than they are!

So here I am writing down my goals:

I splitted my complete journey into two in its beginning itself. Goal #1 being to weigh 50 kilograms and goal #2 to weigh 56 kgs.

So I need to gain 6 more kilograms in about 1 and a half months. Yay! All set to go!

Now, I have a lot of things under my to-do list for the blog and for my genuine readers. Are you excited too?????..

Do follow me on Instagram @skinnyzblog now itself, if you haven’t done yet. I promise it will help both you and me. Plus, if you want me to join with my journey – do let me know by comment or DM me on Instagram.

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