Does Apetamin Syrup helps you Gain Weight? – My Experience & Review!

Does Apetamin make you gain weight?

Hey all,
Today, I am going to review Apetamin syrup. As you all know, Apetamin is a multivitamin syrup which basically helps you to stimulate the appetite and thus guides you in eating more food! You should have seen a lot of people showing the before and after pictures on Instagram and google results. But in India, Apetamin is yet to be popular I feel. And the funniest part is we are unaware of Apetamin though it is a product made in India 🙂 To know more about my experience with apetamin and how I felt after using it, read on the post.

Apetamin syrup- My Review!

The main ingredient of the syrup is cyproheptadine. Since I am in India I got the one without lysine!

Rs.103 in India. (I also saw the price as ₹93 on some websites)

Apetamin Multivitamin Syrup – My views and experience:

Since I live in India, I used the Indian version ( I am not sure of it though) of Apetamin. The bottle we get here is the plastic one and has no lysine it as I said earlier. You can read more about it in my previous POST.

Taste wise it was sweet and I had no difficulty in consuming it. I have already shared my reasons to try the apetamin syrup in this post. I was weighing 49 kgs (empty stomach) when I started.

This was how I used it every day. I take 10ml of the syrup before 30 mins of having my regular meals. And this worked amazingly. I had no difficulties in finishing my plate because I had that ‘fire’ in the stomach which was lost for a while. This works its best this way.

Apetamin Results from a Single Bottle in a Week!

When I finished the bottle of the syrup I reached 51.5 – 52 kgs! This is the result of apetamin in a week! You can imagine the results of it after a month now.

Will I recommend Apetamin Multivitamin Syrup?

I honestly did the same to many of my readers. And once my suggestion was offended by one person who said that it is a steroid. I will hopefully find an answer soon and update this post.

So the answer to the title is obviously yes, Apetamin syrup does really help you gain weight!

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