The Best Way To Use Banana For Weight Gain! + Announcing an OPEN ‘Big B’ Weight Gain Challenge !

How to Use Bananas for Weight Gain?

Hello everyone,
I’m so excited to draft this post. This is the FIRST EVER open challenge we’re going to be doing together. And I’m really happy that ask a huge gang of us are taking part in it together. Thank you so much for the trust and love.

The ‘Big B challenge’ is nothing but our challenge of taking a peculiar number of bananas regularly for a week inorder to help us gain our weight. I have done a similar challenge with baby bananas and you can read more about my experience HERE. I gained 4 pounds in a WEEK simply bringing this change to my diet. And yeah, the name Big B denotes the Big Bananas that we’re going to have during our challenge.

Note: If you’re someone who dislikes the smell and taste of the normal sized bananas you may use the baby ones. It’s all about your liking.

What Exactly is the ‘Big B’ Challenge?

For the Big B challenge, you’ve to eat a particular number of bananas which I’m setting up as ‘2’ daily for each of you! You can have a lesser number or a larger number as much as you can eat or consume regularly for a week!

Important : You should be taking these banana’s in surplus of your regular meals of the day – which you’re currently having. In other words, these bananas should be an addition to the food you used to have until this day.

And that’s it. It is that simple!

Steps That You NEED to Follow for Taking Part in the ‘Big B’ Challenge!

1. Measure your current weight on a weighing scale. You can use analog or a digital one, whichever you have. Take an image of it and send it to me via my Instagram or Facebook accounts.

N.B: It’s very much important to weigh yourself at the same time (before or after the peculiar meal)! Don’t vary with it.

2. In your notepad (either on your device or the actual notepad), note down the below details for the days in your challenge. Here is an example.

3. Send me your results after a week with the image of the weighing scale showing your weight and obviously the screenshot/the image of the notepad showing your progress.

I’ll be posting your results with your Name and Place!

So here is a quick checklist for the challenge week.

✔ Image of current weight
✔ Prepare notes every day
✔ Weigh yourself at the same time and same state every day
✔ Be consistent with the banana intake
✔ Ensure that you’ve sufficient bananas in stock for the next day!❤

N.B : The Results of this challenge are not guaranteed. As I said earlier, I have personally tried a similar challenge before and the results were quite appealing. However, each person is different from eachother. What works for me, might not work for you in the exact similar way. Hence, the results may vary. Taking part in this challenge is purely your option.

I’m waiting for your texts and messages now 😍 Please make it ASAP as we’re all set, to start on Monday (14 May 2018).

He you ever got confused if the banana is a weight gain fruit or a weight lose fruit? Read my thoughts here.

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