How to Easily Gain Weight?


How to Easily Gain Weight at Home?

The other day I was thinking of the time I have been bothering Google with my weight gain queries – so much to the extent that if Google was a living thing, it would come and make me eat food until I become fat! Yes, I have LITERALLY killed the Google search button looking for absolute weight gain help. And today, I help Google to show my skinny’s gang- the exact weight gain results which I was looking for!

In this post, I will be talking about the easiest way to Gain Weight! When I say the easiest way to Gain Weight, the first and foremost thing to hit our minds would be to depend on the junk food. So let me start from there.

Now let us see what exactly do junk food does to us in order to make us fat.


– The junk food itself is very much compelling and appealing to our eyes. The moment we see it, we have an instinct to have them.
– The taste.
– The smell.
– The calories! The rich calories in the junk food which includes both the good carbs and the bad ones.

Now let us try to derive the goodness from these junk food and apply it to our HOMEMADE food.

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Love at first sight! – Make the dishes that you make attractive to your eyes. Don’t take me wrong or think that I’m bragging. Looks are not at all deceiving when it comes to good food. Your eyes will send you the message to your brain whether to have it or to skip it.

By asking you to garnish your food, I’m not asking you to make a piece of art on your plate. Take it to the level of extent- where your eye and mind is satisfied.

Make it Delicious! If you ask me what’s the easiest way to gain weight I would reply, “relying on tasty delicacies!” The reason is quite simple when you make your food tasty, your cravings would automatically take you to all the stages you need to follow to gain weight. (Here are the Weight Gain Stages explained with some simple to follow tips)

And the BEST part is that you no longer have to compel yourself to have more food and above everything, your appetite will come to you naturally.

N.B: I would always recommend you to have homemade food alone as much as possible. You never know what all additives are added to your food you plan to dine at a restaurant. And believe me, they are not the BEST & ALL CLEAN one as it claims or you believe it to be.

Invest in some cookery books, find some great food blogs online, teach yourself how to cook tasty meals and eventually it becomes a habit which you would be ever thankful for – to the rest of the life.

The Smell – When you have all the fresh and dried herbs + Spices to choose from, you can never be wrong. Just choose your own set of herbs which is according to your liking, and use them as much as you like in your food.

The spices and the herbs together can never take you wrong if you do not overdo it.

That is all that you need to do. Listen, all the other people who have a healthy weight are not relying regularly on hotels and junk foods to become obese or fat. Those people relish their food like you have never done before, have you noticed? Let me know in the comments.

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