How to Make Yummy Food at Home? Must Follow Simple Tricks & Tips

 Make your meal yummilicious with these tips!

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How are you all doing? Today I’m going to share some easy and simple tips on how to make yummy food! It’s easy to prepare a meal but it’s not an easy task to prepare a delicious and heart filling meal, isn’t it? If you’re a struggling newbie in the kitchen, or someone who have tonnes of work in the office and rarely gets to touch those recipe books or hunt for a perfect recipe of the dish, then keep reading. Because this post can definitely of some help to you. Do bookmark it on your mobile or desktop so that it’s easy to browse.

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It’s all our desire to have yummy dishes everyday. But you know it is not possible especially when you have to prepare meals yourself without anybody’s help in a limited time finding time over hundreds of other pending work to do. Yeah, it is a matter of priority first of all. But second it is all about the skills and techniques you follow. So I’m specially dedicating this post to you for its simplicity and easiness of preparation.

Simple Tips to Make Your Meals Taste Yummy

Tip #1 – As long as you need surplus calories, feel free to add an extra tablespoon of butter/ghee/a healthy oil in your dish. This is going to increase the flavour of the dish and add more fats.

Tip #2 – To make your gravies or curries extra Creamy and rich in calories, add 1/4 cup of fresh cream or soaked and blended cashews. It does pretty much the same thing, improved flavour and the taste.

Tip #3 – if you’re feeling bored of having milkshakes, try adding some crushed ice into it before blending. The chilled ice helps in having your milkshake really easy. Do try it!

Tip #4 – You’re having some toasted bread, roti or chapati, any other sort of flat breads, add some butter or ghee or oil (whichever you prefer) as a light topping. This makes it delicious!

Tip #5- If you’re cooking cottage cheese, make sure to thaw them in a cup of boiled water before you use them in your dishes. This brings up all the flavours.

Tip #6 – A PRO tip for all your dishes is a simple a taste test. Look for the following tastes: Spice, Sour, Sweet and Salt. When you give each of these test a ‘yes’ and ‘perfect’, the end result has to be the best always. So ALWAYS do this taste check.

Tip #7 – For the spice taste, choose among any of these options. Green chillies, Red chillies (Whole/Crushed/powdered) , black pepper and white pepper (Whole/Crushed/powdered).

Tip #8 – For your salads – try to add anything among these choices of mayonnaise, oil, avocados, tuna and cream.

Tip #9 – For your tea/coffee/milkshakes, try to add fresh/whipping cream, and some nuts. Always prefer milk tea or coffee over the black variant.

Tip #10 – Look out for new tastemakers in the powder or masala form to bring in new flavours to your dishes. This helps with getting bored of the same old dishes.

Tip #11 – Always search for new and delicious recipes, reach out for it among your friends and relatives. You’ll definitely learn as you grow. Not ALL the delicious recipes will be on the internet. Eg: our mom’s recipes (unless she is a food blogger, ofcourse 😉 )

Tip #12 – Egg, potatoes, Soya chunks, Paneer are a few SAFE ingredients to play with – to make so many different varieties of dishes. So choose a different ingredient each day to experiment and you’ll be happy for sure. They are not only easy to cook and prepare but the end results are mostly always perfect.

And with these simple tips, you know how to make yummy food at home. So try it and let me know of your reviews and comments.

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