How to Get Yourself Drink More Water?

How to Consume More Water?

Hello people,

If you don’t know yet, up to 60% of the human adult body is water! According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water.
This shows the importance of water in a human body. the lack of water in our body creates various troubles and most common after dehydration comes to a urinary tract infection. Water consumption has to be given a due care in our day to day routine.

Ways to Take More Water?

To have more water in your diet, in the most simple words – here’s what you’ve to do. Remind yourself to drink more water every often.

Here is what that works like a charm for me!
All that I do is fill a bottle of water and keep it with me wherever I am moving around the house. This reminds me and motivates me to have a sip of water every often, thereby finishing the bottle.

This helps me because, when I feel thirsty I will quench it saying myself – oh no, I don’t want to walk now for water, I’m so tired etc.

What else you can try, to get yourself drink more water?
❤ Set reminders or alarms on phone every hour – and this will remind you to have more water.
❤Get a plain and transparent water bottle and Mark some portions along with a time limit. Also, make sure to stay with it. (– 400 ml, 9 am )
❤Try to gift yourself with something as a positive reinforcement for meeting your water goals for the day. When you’ve met the target – 3 liters of water a day, treat yourself a spa, extra YouTube shows, a few more minutes on Netflix etc.
❤ Try to engage in a few physical activities and this will automatically stimulate you to have more water every often.
❤ If you’re a student or an employee, have the bottle right on your desk.
❤ Have some cute water bottle designs. Before you shout at me, let me clarify. It is really motivating to drink water from cute water bottles. This motivation even though it is for a short period works in the beginning few days. These days should be enough for you to have developed the habit of drinking more water.

Get ready to have a number of loo visits, but it is totally worth it! Because your body is hydrated now, your skin is clearer and glowing, and all in all, you’re feeling healthy!

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