Healthy Chocolates on a Budget to Gain Weight!

Gain Weight with Chocolates on a Budget!

Hello everyone,
Chocolate is everybody’s favourite. I am yet to see someone who doesn’t love chocolates. As I was looking for some budget-friendly snacking options, I also wanted to include chocolates on the list. And there is nothing better than this option. Get to read this post and know how you can eat different varieties of chocolates on a budget. This post is the recipe for preparing healthy chocolates to gain weight.

Due to the high caloric and fat content in the chocolates, snacking them often can easily help you gain weight. Don’t prefer chocolates in high sugar though (because of the bad calories in sugar).

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DIY Flavoured Chocolates – Ingredients

Compound chocolate ( I used the brand Morde Dark compound) – as needed. You can choose among Dark compound, Milk compound and White compound.



Caramel sauce

Coconut Shavings
Caramelised nuts

First Step: If you have been keeping your compound chocolate bar on the fridge leave it to room temperature for some 15-20 minutes.

Second step: roughly chop the compound chocolate bar into small pieces. Add this to a microwavable bowl or a steel bowl and using the double boil method, melt the chocolate until even and smooth.

Third step: Move this to your silicone moulds or ice cube tray and fill each cavity with chocolate. Set in the freezer for 3-5 mins and your plain chocolates are ready.

If you want filled chocolates, do the same process as before and then tap the silicon mould over a bowl until the excess chocolate flows into the bowl. Now, add the fried nuts(I fry them in ghee until browned)/fresh/desiccated coconut shavings/filings of your choice and cover the cavities with more melted chocolate.

Freeze for 5 minutes or until the chocolate are set.

Remove from the mould and serve 🙂 that’s it. They are so yummy and I would say they are definitely far better than the store bought ₹5/₹10 chocolates!

If you don’t have moulds, don’t worry.
Just pour the melted chocolates over the nuts in an aluminium foil container/sheet/baking sheet and set it in the freezer the same way. The added advantage is that you can directly add the chocolate pieces into the same aluminium container for the melting process and you can freeze the same (which means, no dishes to wash and everything is easy peasy)

N.B: Dark compound has a tiny bit of bitter taste(which is exactly how it should be), so if you can’t withstand this taste you can take equal quantities of other compound chocolate variants available as well.

Do try it and I’m sure you’ll love this DIY healthy chocolate to gain weight. You can have it as much as you can with no worries.

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