Depression, Stress & Anxiety: My Life+ Weight Update

Depression, Stress & Anxiety: My Life+ Weight Update depression and weight loss

Hello everyone,

I’m finally writing down the things that I wanted to talk to you for a long time. I have been procrastinating with this post since a long while. But sadly this is not a happy post. Stress weight loss is very common these days and this post will tell you how it has affected me.

My Stress – Weightloss Story:

I also suffer from the lack of appetite due to stress every now and then. If there’s a university exam coming soon, or a stressful event in the future – it draws my complete attention towards it and I would just forget about food and health. I will be in a work, work and work mode until it gets over. I use to neglect this habit before. But then I realised that this is seriously taking a toll and I have to do something about it.

Of late I was down with anxiety attacks and stress, since the last few months. It took away literally everything. My strengths have been at the lowest point since then. I lost my appetite, I would sleep all day, and those things affected me was just not comprehensive in the term ‘depression’. I currently weigh somewhere near 47 kgs now. I was 51 kg something and my goal weight was 57 Kgs. And this drag does upset me a lot I am trying my level best to keep back myself on the right track. Let us see how it goes.

There’s nothing worse than having a stressful life. I know it better now when somebody among you asks me this question “I’m having no appetite and I have a lot of stress related issues”.

I’m still trying to get out of it. The problems that caused me the worries are still there in my life. But I would like to point down a few things that have developed me so far.

1) Never Settle Down.

If you have a job, go for it. If you can work, hunt a job. If you are a student, try harder to concentrate on the things that will make you involve yourself in it. Participate in activities which you haven’t done before. Get new experiences and create fresh memories. It can help.

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2) Get outside your bedroom.

If not, leave the windows open and the curtains moved to a side so that the sunlight can spread into your room. This will instantly make you feel better.

3) Create a visualisation board about the dreams and ambitions you have in your life. Don’t think you do not have any dreams in your life. Think of it and write down a few in a paper and stick it all around where your eyes reach daily.

4) Finally, keep your hopes lightened up always!

Do you have a stress weight loss story? Share it with us in the comment box below.

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