Fab 100x Washed Ghee – A Small Entrepreneurial Journey begins here..

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Hello everyone,

Today let us talk about my entrepreneurial venture. we sell the miracle ayurvedic preparation of 100 times washed ghee or Shata Duata Grita. It is said to be the World’s Best Moisturizer! It is prepared by washing pure ghee for 100 times in a copper vessel chanting mantras and we prepare following the texts of Ayurveda.

For our preparation of 100x Washed Ghee we source, Pure Homemade Desi Cow Ghee from our neighborhoneighbourhoode wanted to prepare it just like how our ancestors used to (homemade ghee is twice costly than the store bought ones, but we stick to it!). It is said to be the only moisturizer that penetrates through the seven layers of your skin and heal or repair it.

It is #1 anti wrinkle and anti aging creating works for pigmentation, fine lines, acne, spots, inflammations, stretch marks, tan, burns etc. It can be used as a natural makeup remover as well.

You can even use it for treating your hair as a pre-shampoo mask.

Now, let us take a product tour.

Preparation Mode – ON!

Some Product Poses!

Since this is a chemical free, paraben free, preservative free product, you will have to store this in the refrigerator. The instructions for the usage are users below.

Instructions: Please refrigerate the washed ghee for at least 20-30 mins, immediately after you receive this package before opening.

For each use, moisten the washed ghee on room temperature by taking it out of the refrigerator prior to 10-20 mins. Also store it in the refrigerator back after each usage. This helps in improving the shelf life of your product.

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Fab 100% Homemade & Pure, Shata Dhauta Ghrita or 100 Times Washed Ghee for Ayurveda Skin Care – Plain, 50 Grams

Fab 100% Homemade & Pure, Shata Dhauta Ghrita or 100 Times Washed Ghee for Ayurveda Skin Care – Organic Rose, 50 Grams

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