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Proven Ways to Stay Motivated in the Weight Gain Journey
My Weight Gain Journey

My 5 Proven Ways to Stay Motivated in the Weight Gain Journey!

Tips to Stay Motivated in Weight Gain Journey

This is one of the serious problems attached to any challenge around. To keep up the consistency and to stay motivated until the goal is in your hand! I was thinking that my level of motivation was slightly coming down so I had to sit and note down a few things that can actually help me keep up the challenge. Plus, a lot of you too asks me to give them ideas on how can they stay motivated or even to start the weight gain journey. I thought I would publish it because I hope at least a few of you might be finding it helpful.

So, here are my top ways for weight gain motivation to make your journey all live!

  • 1. Think of your health conditions:-
This can be many of our reasons to plan a weight gain. I too have many health issues that make it difficult to do everything I have to do in a day. Having a healthy weight is very important to remain active. All these days, I knew it very well that health is wealth. In fact, I used to feel jealous looking at other girls of age, naturally healthy and have enough weight! The fatigues I feel was totally unexplainable to someone else. This gave me a bell of warning that I should take things in my hands. But I do remind myself that every human is the same and with efforts comes the results J
  • 2. Think of your Haters or critics (Read relatives & Frenemies):-
Seriously this is gross. I can count a number of people at this particular moment, who has commented about my skinny body, made fun of myself in front of others, left a statement of wonder about how chubby I was in my childhood and many other incidents that have happened at different points of my life. I have HAD enough; it’s time to prove something NOT for any of them. But to myself that they are wrong!
  • 3. Challenge yourself for a special occasion ahead:-
Yes! I have MY wedding coming up mostly by the end of this year. So, the reason is simple. I too have to look my best just like every other girl! Dreams are so high!
If not your marriage, think of your best friend’s marriage/a special occasion which is soon to come. This should give you enough motivation. 

Whenever you feel down, think this way – the same people giving you rude comments on your body weight. But take it as the dose for motivation and not to feel depressed.
  • 4. Think of the “wow…the moment”, the next time you are catching up with your friends
Okay, this happens to me every single time. I have a catch up with my close friends once in a year. Every time I see them, they have actually frowned and said:” you are getting slimmer, Sana! “That makes me sad too. I am trying to visualize that moment of this year and the way they are going to cry in excitement for seeing a fit me.
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  • 5. Think of all those relatives of your same age who have DONE it!
Trust me; I have seen many girls who were in the same boat as me. But as and when their marriage approaches or the date is fixed, they bring about such a huge change to their body! From skinny to a fat one! Okay, my idea is not to be a tomato but I want myself fit and happy in my skin.

Finally, Imagine the pretty yourself every single time you feel down to the challenge. I hope that gave you enough weight gain motivation.

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