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My Reasons To Plan A Weight Gain Journey:-
My Weight Gain Journey

My Reasons To Plan A Weight Gain Journey:-

The Story of My Weight Gain Journey Begins Here.

Here is an utmost short story about me. Here, I am talking about myself, my health, my life and my reasons to go for a weight gain journey. Of late, I have always and always wanted to gain weight desperately and it had a lot of reasons. AND at the end of all my failed plans – I had to quit my MBA program, which I was already pursuing after going through a lot of struggles!

Why? To know my reasons to plan a weight gain journey, read on…

I am a female, aged 22. I’m 5.4” tall and I currently weigh 45 Kilograms (99 pounds!)
sigh!! My BMI said I’m underweight and my BMR measured 1199 calories a day. Yep! I am skinny and not to mention I could feel my bones everywhere. There are hardly any muscles in my body.
If I hurry from a room to another and I might hit my hipbones to things and cry in pain!!!
I remember one day, on which I was sleeping together with my roommates in the hostel and one of them accidently hit my hip bone and claimed: “you are full of bones, Sana!” I was surely embarrassed (it was the worst) and there are many more incidents like this if I should mention down. That was hostel time and I had no way other than to suffer, I thought and relieved myself.

Health Issues And Plans to Gain Weight:-

At the end of hostel life in June 2015, I was finally happy that I could now go back home and gain some muscles! I was sitting idle (with doing nothing except to be mentioned in my life) for a year, and yet nothing changed. I am all the same. I still weigh the same (44-45 kgs back and then) and I DO have my own reasons to note. Of all these years, each day came up with new and new family problems, relationship issues and what NOT? I was having zero appetites. My stomach doesn’t let my brain knew that I was hungry or I need some food! Those were the days I was sitting before my plate, in a mind of doing something as part of a ritual.
My health was upset as well. I was having anemia and all sorts of related issues on top of it. If I was happy and energetic a day, and the other day I would lie on the bed. Yes, I really did consult a lot of doctors, say Ayurvedic or Allopathy they all failed miserably to cheer me up. (You might be wondering if I eat no food, how medicines can help me!) I just knew that I was going to a bad condition with each day passing.
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Some June 2016, I was enrolled in my dream Post Graduate program- MBA after a lot of efforts I put into the entrance examination, interview preparation etc. I was HAPPY and just felt on top of the world. Did I mention I am a core-digger (behaved like a workaholic) to the things I try my hands on? When I am up to something and I am totally serious about it, I just put myself into it. I won’t drink or sleep until I met the goal of the day or the target. I was so serious about anything rather than my health! My MBA regular became a nightmare for me after the initial 2 weeks. I had no time for my breakfast or lunch or dinner! The college was 1 ½ hour far apart from my home! I had to travel 3 hours in total on the bus. My return trip was as worst as it could.  By the time my college winds up, the bus will be on its house-full MODE.
Trust me, there won’t be an inches space to place your feet on the platform but still with all the pulls-and-pushes, the bus managed to carry an additional passenger! I was thankful to god that I lived, each time I stepped my feet at my bus stop! My bones, spinal cord, feet, and head start to cry in pain by the time I reach home. And that is when I will fly myself to my bed with relief! This was the story each day (6 days a week) and I could not manage it for my worst. I had a lot of assignments to complete, a lot of things to revise before I sleep but I could get no time out for myself. I was stressed and that was when Migraine came into action! I was not able to manage it anyway. I had to take the hardest yet the strongest decision of the year, to QUIT my dream of MBA!
And that is where I am lying now. I HAVE to successfully complete this journey and gain not just muscles, but some health as well. I too have to live a LIFE, like all the fellow peeps.

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