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Why Should You Do NOT Opt For Sudden Weight Gain Plan & How Many Kilograms Are Feasible To Be Gained Over A Month?

Why is Sudden, Bulk Weight Gain Unhealthy?

Until a few times ago, I too had the habit of googling “how to gain weight fast in 10 days or so”. If you are a skinny too, I suppose you can relate well with my story. We all have always wanted to gain weight prior to a family occasion (to avoid those nasty comments from relatives). Well…Nothing good comes that easy to your life (unless you are so lucky), and we have read it, understood it, and realized it all at a particular point of time. With this post, you will know why should we do not go for a sudden weight gain journey or even think of it! You might be wondering how many kilograms of weight gain is considerate. Well, I have got you covered.
Here are the TOP reasons to why should you let yourself stay calm with your weight gain plan!
  • Health Risks
There are a lot of potential health risks attached either with the sudden weight gain or sudden weight loss plan. Our body must be given a considerable amount of time to adapt itself to our new food habits no matter how less or how more we consume. If you do not give it enough of the time, then trust me your health will show its adverse effects on its own anytime sooner. Just as no one wants to gain a lot of weight, eating junk foods, making your health go upside down– it is as important as to give a considerable time for your body to adapt to the muscles gained. The potential health risks from sudden weight gain include heart diseases, changes blood pressure etc.
  • Stretch marks
Yes, sudden weight gain or weight loss can lead to stretch marks. Discussing the weight gain plan, when your skin is compelled to pack up those extra muscles you gained overnight, your skin gives you those bad stretch marks. Do you want yourself to have them, just because of your weight gain plan? I will NEVER!!!
  • Accumulated fat in the wrong parts of your body!
Well, it is nothing but when you are going for a quick weight gain, you are not having an opportunity to exercise and distribute the fats equally to ALL parts of your body. Yes, this is one of the reasons why weight gainers also have to exercise! I shall write more on it in the coming post about why should you do not skip exercise.
  • You might get it all wrong.
When you going for a sudden weight gain plan, there are chances that you will skip finding time and spending efforts to choose the healthy food options available and rely yourself on junks. You will snack unhealthy, eat the wrong combination food, might consume it at the odd times, thus increase your appetite forever and even continue doing it even after you have gained enough of the weight to finally become OBESE! Yes, this has happened to many people who once fell into the ‘skinny category’.

So, what is the ideal weight that you can gain per week or month?

I feel that the answer to this question also depend on how tough your daily activities are. Suppose, you are a student and you are using a car to reach school and home back. If so, then you might utilize only fewer amounts of calories compared to another guy who is cycling and is active in sports hour as well.
What I was trying to say is that you have to closely watch your daily activities as well in order to fix a proper weight. I personally feel that it is ideal to gain about 1 kg to 1.5 kg per week. That is 4-6 kilograms a month.
Do let me know in the comments or leave me an email if you have a query.

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