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How to Improve your Eyesight?

How to Improve your Eyesight Naturally?

This article is specially dedicated to the eyeglass fellows like me. If you are fed up with wearing glasses, changing eye lenses and can’t afford a Lasik treatment, then this one for you! I am thankful to my dear old classmate who has introduced me to these techniques and motivated me to follow them for they have actually WORKED to improve eyesight for her brother’s friend. She said me that he never had to wear his glasses till then. That was exciting enough for me to try it out.

Improve your Eyesight Naturally – exercises that work!

This is a question which pops into our mind every now and then. Each morning, the first thing to do is that I have to search for my glasses. My day typically starts with my spectacles. Will you believe me if I say you can improve your eyesight by following some eye exercises regularly? Yes, it might take a maximum of an hour from your day. Those who are wearing eyeglasses can know how your lens gets thicker and thicker each time L so; have a look at the methods to follow.

Here are the Exercises to Improve your Eyesight:-

  • Palm-ing:-
Palm-ing is that one technique, which I have been trying all those time that I mentioned. It is a very much helping one. So, please don’t skip it. Rub both of your palms together and bring some warmth. Now, lightly cup both of your palms, and place it over your eyes. Don’t close your eyes (Blinking is fine: P). Open your eyes and concentrate to the darkness and see that the black gets darker and darker. Make sure there is no light entering through any small holes or gaps. Take some interval after about 5 minutes after a session. Do 3 sessions.
  • Eye sunning:-
This technique has to be followed when the sunlight is not powerful. The apt time is before sunset 4.30 pm is the time I prefer. Stand straight, face the sun and gaze the sun for about 5-10 minutes for the first few days. Then, close your eyes (while facing the sun). Concentrate on the yellow, orange shades that you can see this time for some 2 minutes.
  • Rolling:-
Look straight, close your eyes and relax for some time. Open your eyes and roll them all 360 degrees slowly. Please don’t strain your eyes by doing fast movements. You have to see each of those things on your top, left, down and right. Do it in a clockwise motion for about 5 times and then in an anti-clockwise direction for the next 5 times. So in total, you will have 10 minutes of the rolling section.
  • Move the pencil:-
Hold a pencil in between your eyes above your nose. Concentrate on the tip of your pencil and extend your hand in a straight line motion. Repeat for about 10 times each day.
  • Look at the far away object:-
Open your windows or stand on the balcony, look at the distant object and stare for about 3 minutes. Try to capture as many things as you can while looking it. You can realize your power has improved quite a bit after someday as you can now see a clearer vision that the very first day.
  • Relax:-
Finish your eye exercise for the day by simply closing your eyes and relaxing for about 2 minutes.

Are these eye exercises really worth a try? Will it actually help in increasing/improving the eyesight?

Yes, it is!!!. I have tried a few of the methods for some time before (N.B: I was not regular at it, I just did them whenever I remembered I can give my eyes a workout) and when I visited my optometrist the next year, I was surprised to know how my eye power was maintained. Even he was surprised how my power didn’t change for a year and was praising my power to my sister and mom who accompanied me to visit him.
These are simple techniques that can help us improve eyesight. You need not do them all in a row and order.  Do try them out and I am sure you will get great results if followed regularly. May your next eye checkup give you a great surprise!


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