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January WG Updates + Announcing the Sugar- Free Challenge:-

It is said that a healthy outside starts from the inside. So my WG journey is put to a pause as I said earlier in the post. My current goal is to completely get rid of my anemia issues and stay healthy for this month. So it was more than necessary to keep my WG goals aside and take necessary steps to stay healthy. So what about the results of January? Why haven’t I updated it although it’s going to be 2 weeks of the next month? Read this post!

My Delayed WG Update of January:

January was the month that I decided to devote some quality time for my body.
The takeoff was amazing, and by the middle of the month, I gained two kilograms and I expected that my monthly goal of 4 kilograms is surely going to meet. But it didn’t. From the middle of the month, health issues seem to be popping up. I was feeling fatigued all of a sudden and I finally diagnosed that it was anemia. I lost my interest in the challenge (I’m Sorry). At least I could have taken some steps to retain my weight! I didn’t do that too. So with the first of the February, I was weighing just a kilogram more i.e, 47 is my current weight. I was thinking what should I post as an update with this one kilogram? Then I realized I CAN post my mistakes!

Overall, I am happy that it was not a ‘complete’ failure. I have noted down my mistakes to do not repeat it in the future.

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So, Why am I going on a Sugar-free Diet?

You know that I am skinny. So naturally, this question might come to your mind. Yesterday, when I said to my mom that from tomorrow onwards please don’t serve me anything with sugar, she immediately raised a question. Why? Are your diabetes? Haha. I said, No! But I have always had a feeling that I will, of course, get diabetes some day. The reason is obviously my sweet tooth. I need to eat something sweet like every day. Sugar is such an indispensable thing of my life. Hence, the challenge is almost tough for me.

Okay, I will tell you my reasons now. I am getting super angry these days for no actual reasons. My family worries a lot due to this habit? Do you know that sugar can be the prime villain? Sugar can affect both the mental and emotional balance of our body. There are many other ailments sugar can be blamed. some of them are depression, anxiety, mood swings etc

And yet another reason is that the dietician has asked me to stop using sugar(completely!) and use jaggery! I am going to try it out for a month and see the results myself!

So here are my goals for the month of February:-

First one is obviously going sugar-free for a month!
Second is to drink sufficient water.
The third is to be perfectly regular with my medicines.
And the last is to drink badam milk before bed.

Be you are skinny/fat, getting rid of sugar is always a good thing! Stay healthy 🙂

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