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Sleep Paralysis-What To Know About and How I dealt with it!

Though I am writing about this topic, I really hope my readers haven’t had a chance to experience being sleep paralyzed yet. But for those who did, just like me, please don’t worry and continue reading the post. Personally, I have experienced and gone through the horror of sleep paralysis since last year but I managed to get myself out of it. Those who do not, It is one of the worst experiences.

What is Sleep Paralysis?

Before I begin, let me tell you one thing. I can’t find a better usage than ‘Sleep paralysis’ for that kind of suffering I have at bed! ( I drafted this post before I started googling to find the word, it was then that I found sleep paralysis itself is the word!) I can only express my experience and please don’t expect any definitions: P Sleep paralysis means almost close to being dead while in sleep. The only difference is that you could experience the horrible strain associated with it, and you could see, hear and feel what is going around (or maybe it is a dream in which you are present and you know you have to respond ) but could not do JUST anything about it. You could also make restricted eye movements too (Maybe you could roll your eyes completely or only to the left part alone or the right part alone – and you’re straining like anything that you can even feel the pain). I am NOT referring to the usual dreams where there is a thief entering to rob your house and you are watching it live, you are screaming aloud and there is no voice coming out of your mouth!

In my case, I was having a leisure time those days with no work in peculiar. That was the reason why I slept so much! With no potential work to do, who can’t say No to sleep? Let me tell you my case just before we move on. I used to sleep at or after 2 am only. The reason is that I wake up too late, so I go to sleep too late! You know it is a cycle and you have to do something about any of these schedules to get a healthy sleeping routine back. Either wake up early or go to bed early.  It is said you must have a sound sleep of at least 8 hours. Okay! Take off that word, ‘at least’ from your brain and read ‘only’ (in case you are an oversleeper). Sleep for over 8 hours only if you have to compensate a few missed sleep. You will know why I said it later in the post.

How to avoid being in Sleep Paralysis?

This is most probably that wonderful thing you were waiting for. Let me tell you my case first of all. I used to sleep in the room on the ground floor with my mom and little brother. I haven’t had an experience of sleep paralysis while I am sleeping downstairs (for my night sleep). I had this habit of sleeping a few hours downstairs and then to climb upstairs (to my room) (maybe at 8 am) so that I can sleep ‘peacefully’ without getting judged by those guests who turn up before 10 or 11 AM. Okay so the inner ‘ME’ is still working (unconscious mind), though I am sleeping. I am unknowingly worried about the popping up guests and my shouting mom: P. This is what is bringing up the fears and thus the unknown presence pressurizing and troubling me!

A disturbing mind is a factor of sleep paralysis!

So keep an eye on the fear factor which is worrying you deep inside! (Your mind knows it all – Trust me…)

What you HAVE to do if you are getting sleep paralyzed.

First of all, make sure you maintain a balanced sleep routine. You can always compensate for the previous day’s lost sleep but not all at a stretch. Set a limit for sleep hours and then you go to sleep. Do not sleep for more than ’10 hours’ in 24 hrs please…(if you are doing it)

Do not keep an unnecessary fear of something before you fall asleep. Of course, you can’t fall asleep all peace every day… We are all human beings…  🙂

Initially, I used to blame the unknown satanic (devilish) presence. But I haven’t gone mad about it. I was pretty sure that I can dream bad if I go to sleep with bad thoughts. I have even dreamt of being living in a home which is devil hacked: PP But now I am back to peaceful sleep.

A supine position is considered one of the best positions to lay down for a sleep. Sadly, this is that ONE position which has more chances of getting sleep paralysis. Try changing your sleeping positions, if you are experiencing sleep paralysis. If none of the tips work for you and fear of sleeping these days, it’s high time that you must consult a physician. Do follow the tips and let me know how you feel later. 🙂 XOXO


  • Snehal Boricha

    I was sleep paralysis patience once! Ohh such horrific experience! And the cause was stress. I hope you don't suffer from sleep paralysis anymore. 🙂

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