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Get to Know Me Better – Q & A!

Today I thought I would introduce me so that it helps you to know me better. I hope you enjoy going through it 🙂

  • Who am I?

My name is Sana.

  • How Old am I? How much do I weigh?

I am 22 years old and I weigh 48 kilograms as of now.

  • Where do I live? How does my peer family tree look like?

I live in Thrissur, Kerala. I have my mom, dad, a younger brother, an elder sister and grandmother in my family.

  • What is my ambition or how does my future looks like?

I am a wantrepreneur. I love challenges and risks as far the topic seems to be appealing to me:P I would like to have my entrepreneurial dreams come true one day, take my educational qualification to the next level, be a mom and live a LIFE!

Update 15/1/19 – Made my entrepreneurial dreams come true. You can read more about it here

  • What life has taught me so far? What is so essential in life for me?
For me, the happenings in life are in a way trying to tell us something. So it’s important to interpret and finalize on a meaning. The victories or the mistakes are the best way to shape up a better you and me.
The KEY to happiness should always lie in your own hands. Never leave it to someone for whatsoever reasons!!

For me, an essential factor in life is dreams. What would be life without dreams and hopes?

  • Am I an introvert or an extrovert?
Hm…. I am an introvert to you until you get talking to me! Since then, I will be a double extra – extrovert to you: P

For me, it highly depends on my mood how I interact. Currently, I love talking to strangers and initiate a conversation.

  • What are your strength and weakness?

My strength is my family. I am confident that they will never blame or leave me for whatever I do! Their ‘trust in me’ is the best among my strengths. My weakness is my fears. I am trying hard to get over it.

  • One thing I seriously dislike?

I hate getting involved in others private matters or even pass judgments about a person – from what you hear from other people!

  • A current trauma, which I can’t get over or digest?
Oh! I recently came across a YouTube video where there were teen parents with a baby! I can’t digest the fact that the mom is 15 and the dad is 16 when the newborn was delivered. Being an Indian, I am yet to recover to normal : P
My favorites
  • Ethnic/western attire?

I prefer western the best for indoors and ethnic for outdoors. I am so comfortable this way J. But at times, I do wear western for outdoors.

  • Food?

I love mixed fried rice with paneer butter masala. It is my favorite combo and my staple order when I visit a restaurant.

  • Friends/Family?

Family and home! I love being at home!

  • Friends/Relatives?

Friends 😛 No explanations needed.

  • A life hack I suggest you for a better day?
To overcome the addiction to social media, make sure you put up a long password and sign out for each use. You would automatically visit less number of times J

Developed, tested and proven to ME.

  • Blogging – When and how it happened to me? How often do I blog?

Skinny’s Fitness is my third blog. I started blogging in February of 2015. I was contributing to a few popular beauty blogs since 2012. That was when I realized I have a ‘thing’ for writing! This blog happened to me by the last of December, last year.

Until now, I have been publishing randomly but since now I promise to post every other day.

That’s it for now!

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Love you, sweethearts!

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