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My Results of the Sugar Free Challenge:-

It has been a month since I announced the sugar-free challenge. So here are the results! To be very honest with you guys, I have not been so regular with it. The last time I did it before, things went smoother than what has actually happened this time. So my results will be a combination of these two. 

As I am on a weight gain plan, there was nothing dramatical as a weight loser would have an option to see.

How Does the Sugar-free Challenge Go?

All smooth until some ice-creams and chocolates were brought into my home by my little brother! It is pretty much difficult to stop yourself from these cravings especially when you’re on the weight gainers list.

But do not worry if you can’t do that! Even skipping the excess sugar or the substituting sugar in your diet can bring in a lot of difference.

Here are the things I noticed so far, with my sugar-free challenge:-

1) I started feeling light and live!
Yes. A weight gainer is light anyway, You might think. But no. This was a kind of joy feeling inside. And deep inside I could see the happiness of my body’s break-up with sugar crystals. I was physically more active these days.

2) My cramps this month was easy! I am not really sure if the sugar-free diet has helped me there. But honestly, there was a huge difference this time.

3) My face felt smooth and getting clearer. This was something that I noticed and enjoyed until I made the move of waxing my facial hair ? I got a lot of bumps and my skin is still in the healing process.

4) I had expectations of becoming a less angry baby with this diet, which it did! I was and am is calmer now. ? It really does the magic there.

How to keep up with this challenge replacing sugar?

So far, I was substituting the sweet recipes of my diet with jaggery powder. It goes pretty well with black tea, juice, and shakes. I think that is the best and natural substitute that one could go for.

Truly I decide to replace the excess sugar in my diet with jaggery. If you’re into the taste of honey then you may go for that. I personally don’t prefer or suggest the use of the sugar-free tablets, but if you can’t tolerate the taste of Jaggery and honey you may go for it.

The last word, I feel that each of us with a habit of relishing on sugar delicacies should actually keep up with a habit of skipping the excess sugar. It can only do good for your skin and health.

N.B: – Please check your sugar levels in a blood test to ensure that you are having sufficient glucose for energy.

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