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My Top 10 Tips to Help Depression

Top 10 tips to Elevate your Mood, While You’re Depressed!

Depression is one of the most common issues that we all have/ might face in future. Mental illness is hard to treat among all other illness and you have to take the life in your own hands to ensure that you succeed. Depression is not something incurable. First of all, stop comparing your life with others. If you don’t have that habit, it is the greatest quality you could ever possess. Because nobody’s life is as good, as it looks on Facebook! Help depression, before it takes a toll on you.

IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU! They are all personally tried and tested by me, so please take my words.

10 Things to Do While You’re Depressed!

1) Treat yourself a soothing and relaxing bath.

Turn on the shower or pour water slowly on your body parts, close your eyes and just relax. Add your favorite bath salt or light some candles to take it to another level.

2) Try to learn a new life skill every single day.
A few ideas or suggestions, I could give is think of improving your typing speed, learn a new hairstyle, learn a new tip. 

3) Spend time on Youtube.
Watch amazingly creative short films and get inspired to live a LIFE! There are many channels which can suit your interests, just surf there for a while and you’ll automatically receive suggestions from the next time onwards. Make sure not to waste your time skimming for the best ones.
Here are a few of my youtube subscriptions,
  • LaurDIY
  • Madstuffwithrob
  • Knot_it_pretty
  • Prachi pages/superwowstyle
  • NimC
  • Interesting stuffs
  • Fimokawaiiemotions

If you would like to get a glimpse of others lifestyle, do checkout the channels of Shruti Arjun Anand and Lana Rose.

4) Re-décor your room all by yourself
It is not a tough job! Trust me it instantly gives such a great feeling when you put efforts to recreate or decor your own room. This is a real must try tip, if you’ve not yet done it!

5) Pick up the phone and start talking to those people who you’ve missed a lot all these days.
Tell them you miss them and there is nothing you are going to lose but you will surely gain something valuable!

6) What’s your life goal?
Browse the internet for those who have gone through all the odds and did make their path to it. There are plenty of good things in Google which you can sit and find especially if you have plenty of time.
7) Don’t rush for anything in your life.
Everything will happen to you when it was meant to be, at the best time (You might not understand it unless you put in efforts to know it. God’s plans are the best). So believe in yourself, work hard and pray wholeheartedly to make things HAPPEN! Don’t underestimate the power of either God (who has created you) or yourself (who is again, the creation of God).
8) Every single mistake is a lesson, but only if you are ready to LEARN (if you don’t believe, start looking into the actions immediately and soon you will realize). Each and every single situation in life has got its own set of questions- think in your own unique way to get the perfect solution. Discussing with the elders won’t hurt either J
9) Read those wonderful books which are written by those who have successfully fight against all the odds and made it live a life.
10) If you fear failure or getting stuck in your way to goal, just think once why it all started!
No one has started anything with the complete confidence that he will succeed! It is only one’s passion, hard work, and patience that make the way to success.
Life is easy only if we decide to take into our own hands. I know it is not pretty easy to get out of depression, but it is neither impossible! Your mind is with YOU so stop judging yourself. Also, stop getting lost in the ‘what will the others think of me’ attitude because it is not your business. Let them do it that’s because your life is far more interesting than them. Start thinking about the positives in every situation and do not forget to Thank God each day for his abundant blessings. 


If you want someone to talk about your problems to help depression, do leave me a ‘Hi’ J I can be your friend and you will not be alone anymore.

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