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My Special Weight Gain Muesli Recipe:-

Muesli for Weight Gain

Muesli is one of the popular breakfast dishes with oats, cornflakes, almonds, raisins, and other cereals. It is a complete pack of healthy nutrients. I started including it recently in my diet and so, I am sharing this recipe with you. Here is my special weight gain muesli recipe.

Muesli can be taken either with milk or yogurt. I am taking it with yogurt these days because I am almost sick of using milk in everything: P

Ingredients for Weight Gain Muesli:-

Sour-less yogurt
Condensed milk
Fresh cream(optional)

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Recipe for Weight Gain Muesli Recipe:-

Take the yogurt and beat in condensed milk as per your taste. Whisk it very well and keep it in the fridge for about ten minutes( this step is optional, but it feels like a dessert when you do it). Now add the Muesli, mix it and have it. Yumm.. Top it with some fresh cream and serve.

I take this special weight gain Muesli Recipe as a snack. Or even have it after regular meals. I hope you will love it as much as I do 🙂

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