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Weight Gain Update – March!

Hi girls,

First of all, sorry for the delay in this post. I was supposed to publish it yesterday but my network was damn slow and I couldn’t help it. Today again, I moved to my mom’s place for a few days stay and got busy that way. Finally, I am giving it a GO 🙂

I am here with my weight update for the month of March. I was trying out few new things in my life for the purpose of gaining weight and the experience was quite different from that of the usual. So here is how it went for the month of March!

I currently weigh 48.5 kgs! Yes!!yes! And I am so happy about it. (Sorry for the messy pic. I just didn’t see anything else than the numbers when I was clicking it :))

Though the gain was not somewhere crazy like some 4 kilograms in a month, I was happy that I could make it to 48.5. There are a ‘few things’ to be discussed or addressed which is quite a problem with some of us, so I promise to share it in a maximum of two weeks. I would hopefully come up with the solutions as well 🙂

I made a few changes in my schedule which I will talk about today.

1) I started exercising regularly. I have shared the exercises already in this post. I am facing no bulging stomach these days which is a good thing. I really do get pain in my thigh area which would I believe is from the squats.

2) I eat a mixture of ghee and Sugar daily after my dinner.

3) I also add a teaspoon of ghee to my tea! Yes, tea. I heard of this tip somewhere and thought of giving it a try! I don’t follow it regularly, but instead just when I have the mind to have it this way I go for it.

4) And most importantly I have been gradually started eating more portion of food in my diet. 2 more idlis extra to the previous schedule, a ladle more of rice and curry etc…

5) It is scorching summer here and it is a must that we drink lots of water. So I always make sure that my bottle is full and gets empty as and when.

6) The product that I suggested for appetite (here) has been continuing doing its job. But for those who don’t have an access to Indian gooseberries or the product as such, there is another sure shot home remedy coming up. So stay tuned for that post.

7) Summing up everything, it has been 3 whole months since I started this blog and into a weight gain plan, but I have managed to gain only 3 kilograms which might be surprising compared to how well it was supposed to be. As said, February was out due to some reasons which I have already mentioned in previous posts but again I am going to find out a remedy for my ‘issue’!

So that’s it, girls.

I hope to have a more productive month of April 🙂 Let us see how it goes!

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