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Dexorange Hematinic Capsules – Uses & Review

Dexorange Hematinic Capsules

I just bought Dexorange Hematinic Capsule, and I can’t believe the facts they have mentioned in the description label. Anemia is already such a popular illness specifically in the developing countries.

Of late I have discussed how to get over anemia using veggies and other natural medicines. Though these remedies work 100% effective, one has to be regular with it to see (and maintain) the results. Hence, I thought to review these Over The Counter tablets which are meant to treat anemia. As it is Ramadan and I can’t spend much time to buy and cook, I thought to switch to these tablets for a month.
For the time being, this is going to be the first look or get to know the article, but by the end of this month, I am giving a detailed review of it. So make sure to check it out.

Price of Dexorange Hematinic Capsules :

₹ 97 for 30 tablets.

The first look of Dexorange Hematinic Capsules:-

Just like how I mentioned in one of my previous article about anemia, I went to my nearby pharmacy + lab to have a blood checkup and get some tablets. I was planning to buy the C-pink tablets, but the lady there said me that it was not available and thus introduced me to these tablets.

Thankfully, this product is quite handy and easy to move with. As C-pink was in strips, it is quite difficult to store. But this one is quite a small bottle with 30 tablets in it. Plus, these tablets are soft gel capsules which makes it so much easy to swallow. No hassles in the middle of the way to stomach!

As of now, I am mildly anemic with a hemoglobin of 10.4 gm/ml.

Update: Dexorange Hematinic Capsules did its work amazingly for me!

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