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Remedies to Naturally Improve Your Appetite
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Speedy Home Remedies to Naturally Improve Your Appetite

Suffering from a Loss of appetite?

I am sharing some of the best home remedies which can help in improve your appetite. There are products readily available in the market, but it is always better to start from home. Below are some remedies to naturally improve your appetite with some really easy to find ingredients. Please note that not every remedy works for everyone. If you do not notice a change in continuous three days, give the next remedy a try. My sister used to say me that eating pineapple helps to improve appetite. I tried it for a few days and it didn’t help me much.

So do not get disappointed with one remedy that fails to impress you.

One home remedy that has ACTUALLY worked for me is to have some sour curd daily. I used to take around 1/3 cup of curd, pour water into it and drink it with some salt. I used to have it like daily for a minimum of two times.

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Home Remedies to Boost Appetite:

1) Roast some asafoetida and powder into a fine one. Now, have it mixed with curd or lukewarm water.

2) Take some fresh tulsi leaves and take its extract. Have it with some salt.

3) Take some dry ginger powder and have it in the early morning in lukewarm water.

4) If you can some fresh sugarcane, take its juice and add lemon juice or ginger extract. Have it daily.

5) Pomegranate seeds work really well for improving the appetite. Have it with some sugar.

6) Grind nutmeg against honey or a grinding stone. You can also try nutmeg powder with some honey.

7) Fruits like pineapple and papaya also help to improve your appetite when consumed daily.

N.B: Lose of appetite can be a symptom of another illness as well. If the above remedies do not help you improve your appetite. So do not hesitate to check with your doctor if there is no change in your appetite.

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab the ingredients and try it for yourself. Do get back to me in the comments to pour in your feedback. If you like my blog, do not forget to subscribe as well.

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