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how to gain weight fast miracle remedy for weight gain
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How To Gain Weight Fast – 1.5 kilograms in a Week!

The Easiest Way

to Gain Weight Fast: 

Hey everyone,

Today I am going to share a miracle recipe for weight gain. It can get you a weight gain of at least 1.5 kilograms per week. For the past one week, I have been trying out this remedy and I am honestly so happy that I tried it out.

I have started trying this remedy exactly since the last Friday. I was waiting to weigh myself in the early morning today ( on an empty stomach) to share this remedy with you guys.

How to Gain Weight Fast: Miracle Remedy For Quick Weight Gain:-


  • Ghee/Clarified butter: 3 teaspoons
  • Sugar: 1.5 teaspoons ( Optional, but to ease your taste buds)

weight gain fast quick remedy hack week ingredients list
Just mix the two ingredients and have it in the evening or even after breakfast(if you prefer to have it in the morning).

weight gain fast quick remedy hack week 2

My Experience with this Miracle Weight Gain Remedy:

The results were quick that I saw a change in my weight from the third day of my trial period.

I have lost my weight from 50 kg to 46.6 kg as I was caught with a fever for a few days. This remedy has helped me get back to my staple weight (:P) i.e, 48 kgs from 46.6 kgs in 3 days.

I also noticed that it has helped me with my appetite as well.


I highly suggest you use this remedy IN ADDITION to your current regular diet routine. 

If you’re going to decrease your portion of meals and anticipate a gain in weight (with just this remedy) it will probably do NOT happen. Also, please do not increase the portion of ghee in this recipe because it might affect your health. The daily intake limit of ghee is 3 teaspoons and unless you are working out hard, please do not attempt in increasing the amount.

So try this 2 ingredient weight gain miracle remedy for a week and do let me know in the comments how it worked for you.

So this is the most simple, easy and working remedy on how to gain weight fast.  🙂

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