Get to Know your Weighing Scale Better!
know your weighing scale
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Essential Things You Got to Know About Your Weighing Scale!

Must Know Facts on Weighing Scale

A few months before, I went to my grandma’s house for a few days stay. There, I had an opportunity to use both of the weighing scales say both the digital and analog. And you won’t believe what I got to see!! With the little things, I noticed, know your weighing scale better.

Analog or Digital Weighing Scale – Which One is the Best?

As some of you might be already knowing I use the analog scale for weighing myself throughout the day.
When I went to grandma’s home, I used to weigh with the digital scale in the initial days. If you have ever used a digital scale, you’ll know how random do the digits appear on the screen. 

Weigh yourself placing the scale between two-floor tiles, you’ll get a different digit. 

The first time you stand on them, you will see some nice numbers ( usually high – which is a happy moment for a weight gainer). But soon you step up again on it and realize you have lost weight! It is that ridiculous!

And there is no joke. It mostly takes me 3 or 4 times to get the numbers right ( and stable) on the screen. 
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Whereas an analog scale, when the dial starts with the right mark i.e, zero – you are good to go. And the result is always the same. In some cases, the zero might slip off from the NEEDLE, but you can always check it prior to usage.

You might have noticed, when you go to a doctor – he always has the analog ones for his patients.
So in my opinion, the analog or the mechanical ones give you a more stable result rather than the digital ones. Although I won’t get to know the digits after the decimal. 

What is the Best Time to Use the Weighing Scale? 

What You Shouldn’t Do:

Let me admit it, I have been weighing myself wrong in the initial posts of mine in this blog. I did become 46,47,48,49 and even 50 but I was weighing myself throughout the day, which a time schedule….whenever I feel like doing so – which was a huge mistake. 
What You Should Do:

You should always and always weigh yourself, right in the morning on an empty stomach. That is your actual weight, and you have to believe it 🙂 Warning: If you are a weight gainer, you are most of the times going to lose your heart seeing the numbers on the scale. (As it turns to be low after your bed)

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