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6 BEST Food Ideas To Gain Weight for Hostelers
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6 BEST Food Ideas To Gain Weight for Hostelers

Tips to Gain Weight for Hostelers!

I get a lot of readers to ask me the question what can you do to gain weight if they stay in a hostel or a PG? I hear them when they ask me the question because I had the same from 3 years till the end of my university degree.

While I was staying in a hostel I have asked this question myself many times. Being in the hostel, you’re probably restricted to the facilities and even appropriate food ideas. I had to oblige to the poor food that is provided and obviously tends to lose even more weight.

So today I am giving you a few ideas which you can incorporate into your hostel diet and this should definitely help you! As a note, I would like to say you that Most of the options that I have given below are pocket-friendly. 

While someone has access to a cooking stove and fridge you might not have it. So Choose the best that works for you from the below-given ideas.

Weight Gain Tips For Hostelers:- 

1) Peanut Butter:- 
If you’re supplied chapati or roti in your mess, you can use peanut butter as a spread on them. If you do not have them, don’t worry. Supply yourself some bread. Spread Peanut butter and eat it when you’re feeling hungry. Use bread in 2-3 days though. When you go out of stock with bread, eat the peanut butter alone. 

Have at least a serving of 4 tbsps daily!

2) Bananas
I know you have read it so many times before. Bananas work really well for people who opt for a weight gain. You can choose from mini or the large varieties. I have myself given the results here of my 7-day challenge. 

It can be kept fresh for a good time. As a hosteler, if you find it going overripe wrap the head of the bananas. 

Have 2 large bananas or 5 smaller ones daily!

3) Dates and Almonds/Peanuts
Peanuts are a budget-friendly option. If you can afford, get some almonds too with plenty of dates. 

Have a handful of peanuts and 5 dates daily.

4) Eggs
This idea may not be everyone. But if you can manage, boil an egg daily in a kettle or an egg boiler or something similar.
You can have 1 or 2 of them each day. 

5) Meusli or Cornflakes with Milk

Cornflakes or muesli which you can buy readily from the market is a wonderful option. I have used Kellogs muesli with fruits and nuts. It tastes yummy and is loaded with nutrients! Read this post to know how to eat more cornflakes at a go!

Top it up with some milk. If you cannot buy fresh milk and use them appropriately, then do not worry. Buy small packs of tetra packed milk and finish them in a day. Once opened, these milk cartons have to be stored in the fridge so make sure to buy the smaller packs or the single serving ones if you do not have access to a fridge. 

Try to have milk daily. 

6) Ghee

Eat 3 teaspoons of ghee every day without a skip. It can help you gain weight. Here is my result after trying it out for just a week. 

7) Explore your local cuisine
We all are spread across the world and we do have signature dishes locally. The better person to know them will be obvious you. The best thing about finding such food is that you can get them easily and cheap. 

8) Sprouted Green gram – Buy or store some green gram in your room and sprout it. There is an easy way to sprout it using an empty coke bottle. Check youtube for more details on that. Sprouts are a rich source of protein. Have a bowl of it along with some salt, pepper and lemon juice to suit your taste buds.

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